Posted on June 25, 2008 in Specials

When i think about our world and the problems that we face am forced to let my thoughts ponder over the question that ARE WE HEADING TOWARDS WORLD WAR III ? This is a question which if given a thought can bother the hell out of you.
We all know about global warming, it will soon create a kind of a hell for us. The environment will soon be coming to an end. The animals will reach extinction, the rain forests will end, the glaciers will melt and we will be covered in snow, snow age will come.
We also know about issues like child labour in which 70% children are employed and forced to do labour. Issues like unemployment which is breeding irate youngsters who feel rejected. Issues like women empowerment, the lack of which is leading to no freedom for women in India. The point to be noted here is that theses problems are not only limited to India, but are being faced globally.
Recently Japan announced its non military use of space which can pose as a big threat to other countries.
You might be wondering what i am trying to convey here. Well, so let me tell you. All these problems are being faced by us at the same time and are leading to further problems like Inflation and inter country problems as well. If all this continues at the same rate and that too together, Wouldn’t it lead to a scenario in which all the countries could jump into a kind of a world war? All of us would use the immense power as a result of our irateness. Wouldn’t it lead to the III rd world war? What do u think? Global Warming+Child Labour+ Nuclear power+ Irrate citizens= world war III…………