Posted on June 3, 2008 in Society

In today’s world of growth and progress, one major factor that still holds us back from walking with the world ahead is RESERVATIONS. Do we really need reservations? Shouldn’t the admissions in IIT’s, and other universities be on the basis of merit and academic performance rather than reserving seats for candidates who haven’t worked hard? What will be the difference between a student scoring 90% and getting admission in a esteemed institution and a student scoring 50% getting into the same institution just because he/she has a reservation. Because of this a deserving student might just lose an opportunity.

I myself have just given my 12th board examinations and am running around for admissions, which ever form I have bought there has been one thing in common, questions about cast, category, etc.

For example, I was faced with questions like Do u belong to Gujarati community?

Do u speak Tamil? Are you SC/ST or OBC? Are you a Christian?

I mean, where do I go? I read the prospectus and I find that preferences and reservations are given to so and so community, etc. and seriously, I got so fed up. I discussed it with my mom and she was quite chilled out about it.

But when I told her that St. Stephens has a quota for Christians, Venki for Tamilians and Telugu, Narsee Monjee for Gujrati’s, etc. she started laughing and said “ Shouldn’t Hindu college have a quota for Hindu’s? There should be a reservation for Hindu’s. Then she said thank god it is not like that” And then she started laughing. Obviously she was joking. Thamkfully there is no reservation for the Hindu’s and other mainstream communities. I think reservation creates a caste divide. I dont think that there should be reservations, every community should be given equal opportunity.

Even if there are reservations they should be on the basis of economic backgrounds. Those who are of a weak economic background but are deserving should be given reservation and provisions should be made to enhance their talent. I read in a survey that every year out of the number of children born in India 45% are highly talented but 95% of them are not able to enhance their talent just because they are poor or of an economically weaker background. Shouldn’t children like these belong to the reserved categories?
But still, now that even Gujjar’s are fighting for reservation, there will be a time when the whole country would be full of reserved categories.

Now that’ll be funny for sure, those who are in majority will then become minority and the minorities will be the majority.
But the point to be noted is that at the time of independence we were all together, each individual had his/her integral value, after independence reservations started and now 49% of the population is reserved. Isn’t that bad.

Am sure that there will be a time when the whole country will be divided into castes, classes, quotas for everyone and a world where there would only be fights and riots. Where will people like you and me go? Will we be accepted anywhere?

Wouldn’t that be a pre-independence scenario?

Just think about it. Isn’t it scary? Would you like to live in a world like that? IS THE HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF? THINK ABOUT IT.