I Am A Child Labourer

Posted on June 10, 2008

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I love the days when I was carefree,

The days when my life was work free,
I used to wander around in streets,
With a carefree attitude,
My happiness had no substitute.

I had a lot of friends to play with,
We lived each moment to the fullest,
We had no worries and tensions,
Of the modern world or about our salary or pensions,
Loved the way we used to live.

Saw my parents work hard as labors,
To earn the days bread and to give us small favors,
But I lived every moment to the most,
Was happy that my child hood was carefree,
But I was sad that my parents didn’t care much for me,

They had their burdens and tensions,
They are the bread earners and had worries about their pensions,
Then a day came when I lost everything
The carefree attitude and my friends I played with,
Not that I was grown up now,
I must be around 6 or 7 now.

Now I hold the axe and pick up the bricks,
My childhood has been buried under these pricks,
Which pierce me each day I live,
And ask me to earn more and give
To my family so they eat more,
And do not sleep with stomachs which are sore.

My days to live were over now,
I had dreams which were shattered now,
Now even I had burdens and tensions,
I was one of the bread earners and worried about my pensions,
My happy childhood is over now,

I work hard and toil each day,
Wanted to study, and earn big some day,
My family can’t afford my books,
They can only teach me how to use the crooks.
I want to express myself but cannot say

With tears in my eyes and fingers which pain,

This is my plight, I cannot fight
The family or the caste burden
In which I am born and will have to follow
The family tradition of doing labor,

If you’ve been wondering who I am,
CHILD LABOR is what I am.
You see me and say “poor kid”
That’s it that you can do for me,
Or thousands who are meant to be
Born in this caste and have the stigma,
Of being called “poor kid”

I miss my friends who played with me
Its you who can make a change for me,
And make the world brighter for me to see.
So that I live carefree again, And study hard to change my future full of pain.
Anshul Tewari (COPYRIGHT)


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