Posted on July 29, 2008 in Media

-Anshul Tewari

Recent happenings in India have been a regular feed for the Indian media. Its quite obvious that people will form their views on the basis of what they see and hear in the news or from other media sources. Be it the Aarushi murder case or the Nuclear Deal.
I personally feel that the broadcast as well as the print media is taking full advantage of this and in many cases misusing these advantages.

Lets take the Aarushi murder case for example, the poor girl was killed, the father arrested, charged with murder of his own daughter, a case of lack of professionalism by the Noida Police. The investigating police officer literally slaughtered the images of  Aarushi and her father. This was the moment when the media must have played a transparent role and brought forward the lack of duty by the police. Well it did, but what i see is the Media jumping on Dr. Talwar, saying that he was the  step father, and flashing news such as ” The killer Father”

In the Nuclear deal as well, the electronice media was busy counting the votes and saying controversial things when it should have shown the positive and negative aspects of the deal and leave it on the people to decide what is right and what is wrong.

I myself being a student of Journalism feel that Media holds great power and importance in our democracy, but what is the use of such power when it cannot use it correctly. Instead of getting into sensationalised journalism the Media must create awareness and not do case trials, as this is certainly not the job of the media. It should leave it on the judicial system. The role of the media should be transparent, unbiased, non-sensational, it should show both aspects of any news and not play with the mind of the mob.