Posted on August 25, 2008 in Society

-Anshul Tewari

Its high time we realized that there is a leader in all of us, all we have to do is initiate, and others are bound to follow us.
Someone rightly said, “A man who lives for himself lives only a quarter of his life, but a man who lives for others and for his country lives more than a lifetime. Nobody can ever be immortal, immortality can be attained only if a person does something which makes him live in the hearts of others even after he dies.”
I often talk to people personally to join me to create a change. Being a journalist and meeting people from different walks of life, I have found that some young people do want to make a change, but they fear the negative consequences. They think about the price they will have to pay for being a rebel against the evil forces who govern the lives of the helpless.
This article is dedicated to those who lived for others, for what they thought was right for the society and the country and had to pay a heavy price for being human in a true sense.
One such case is the much talked about Manjunath case, wherein a graduate from the reputed IIM, working with Indian Oil Corporation found that an IOC petrol pump was adulterating petrol under the supervision of an oil mafia. He conducted a raid on the petrol pump and disclosed the culprits. But little did he know that the culprit mafia would become the cause of his death the very same night. He was shot dead at the same petrol pump. The case was registered, culprits found guilty and a verdict in favor of Manjunath was given. But, this is only one of the few cases in which a judgment in the favor of the deceased was given.

There are hundreds of cases wherein no case has been registered.

One such case is the Satyendra Kumar Dubey case of 2003. Project director at the National Highways Authority of India, S.K. Dubey was extremely hard working, dedicated and a very honest man. He was an important part of the Golden Quadrilateral project and was assassinated in Gaya, Bihar for fighting against high level of corruption in the project.
Another such case was of Mrs. Navleen Kumar who was killed by the land mafia while fighting for the land rights of the tribal in Maharashtra.
Both these cases, though registered have not been able to reach any verdict.
People read about these instances, feel proud and motivated for a moment, and then forget that it ever happened.
What is to be noted here is that people like Manjunath, S.K. Dubey or Navleen Kumar are not born with the zest. The zest grows in them only after they think and rethink that they have to stand for what is right and not let evil forces take over.

They died for what they did, maybe because they were alone in this fight, and even if there were others, they were given bribe to shut their mouths. But would they have died if they had the support of even 50 men like them. NO.

India is a country with the largest number of youth population between the age group 18-25. Even if 20% of that population joins hands to fight against the odds, it would be enough to throw out all the evil forces, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, or even the roadside rowdies.

But the question is, ARE WE A DEAD PEOPLE’S SOCIETY?

A society where people see wrong but never rebel against it; a society where people stay quiet and let things be the way they are; and those who do speak up against them have to pay a heavy price for it.

Are we no one to stand up for our country? Are we no one to fight for others, with whom we have the relationship of humanity and brotherhood?

Wouldn’t it be proud for us to say, “I stood for what was right and I won.” Then why don’t we do it? Are we waiting for a leader? Its high time we realized that there is a leader in all of us, all we have to do is initiate, and others are bound to follow us. Why don’t we spread awareness and motivate others to make a change, to throw out all the evil forces, be it politicians, bureaucrats, mafias, terrorists or even the neighborhood rowdy boys.

The youth must realize its potential and power and let the whole world see that if the youth joins hands, nobody has the guts to stop them.

Lets all pledge today, “ We will initiate, We will make a change, We will create a better world, We…will be the Youth Ki Awaaz.”

[Photos: From top to bottom: Manjunath, Satyendra Kumar Dubey, Navleen Kumar]