Posted on September 4, 2008 in Politics

-Anshul Tewari

According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘Politics’ is defined as “ the activities involved in getting and using power in public life, and being able to influence decision that affect a country or a society based on GOOD JUDGEMENT”.

Doesn’t that sound a bit unreal to you? Well, it does to me. I’ve been following the current political scenario in India, based on which, here is my definition of ‘Politics’,

“The activities involved in FORCEFULLY getting and IMPOSING power in public life, and FORCING people to take decision that affect a country or a society based on BAD JUDGEMENT in order to fulfill personal needs is known as Politics.”

The Political system in India is lacking just every positive aspect. We are in dire need of a true leader, maybe someone like Indira Gandhi, who can lead us to a better world.

Well, today I am going to write about the current political scenario in India and what can be done to improve it; as well as; what factors influence voters decision, especially the new young voters.
The issues which affect vote bank are basically: Poverty, Unemployment, Agriculture related issues, urban affairs like growing population, crime, lack of opportunities, Inflation, Internal as well as external security issues and many more small and big factors but most importantly, emotive issues like caste, religion, region, society are the biggest factors deciding the fate of a party.

Political parties (supposedly) work on issues that matter to the general public in a way that it gives them dividend. They come in alliance over these issues and promise to deliver a solution.

People usually feel that Demand (be it of any kind) will overpower Supply and they will be left out. This is where politicians promise to fulfill the gap.


Today, the established political parties, like BJP and Congress are worried as they are no longer able to sell their concrete dreams (at least some are concrete). Politicians are now worried about the new voters as they are not concerned with ideologies.

So, as a hit and trial solution to this, political parties are launching new faces, in new regions, specially different linguistic states, in order to attract more voters (on regional and linguistic basis) and also remove the incumbency factor.

Though Congress and BJP are Tired Parties, Congress does have quite a few new faces; that do influence the new voters.
Talking of Left, its ideologies are no longer appalling and are mostly unacceptable. Its communist politics has been like Anarchy. But, Left parties have realized that ‘Ghairaos’ and ‘Bandhs’ are no more clicking as people are craving for jobs and don’t want such Anarchies, but their politics is still considered as anti-national, making them unpopular among the young voters, but sometimes , just sometimes, their issues do have a humanistic approach.
Not to forget, the discarded ideologies of the Left parties have now been taken over by honorable Ms. Mamta Banarjee whose politics has led to a cease work situation at the TATA NANO plant in Singur. Certainly, she does not want employment opportunities in West Bengal, she does not want West Bengal to be industrially developed, she does not want economic development, but, she wants people to crave for jobs and better living standards. What a joke!!!!
The Orissa, Kandhamal issue is also an issue mixing the image of India as a Nation in mud. Statistics by The Tribune state that 41 years earlier, there were around 4500 something Christians in the district and in 2006 there were around 1, 00,000 something Christians in the same district. Well, that’s nice, but the thing to be noted here is that the same stats prove that since 41 years only 3 people have willingly converted themselves to Christianity. Well, what about the rest. Obviously there has been forced conversion. And this has now created a rift between VHP and the Christian Missionaries, especially after the murder of a prominent VHP leader. People are being killed & harassed.
Similarly, the Jammu & Kashmir issue is of great concern right now. Their demand of an independent Kashmir is illogical as independently it would be impossible for it to exist economically, politically and would face suppression. I wonder if it could create a 1947 India-Pakistan separation kind of a scenario.

Well, what we need to understand and get straight in our brains is that each and every person, be it of any caste, creed, color, sex, or religion, demands basic human Dignity.

If they get the dignity demanded they will be much content and this would certainly reduce 70% issues and also the chances of politicians to play with the minds of people.

Also, the emotive issues always give a back to social issues like gender bias, child labor, abuse,etc. which are of great concern and without whose solution, development cannot be attained as they are a gap between being Developing and Developed .

Parties are under a pressure to perform and to be more civil, to create opportunities as facilitators.

All these factors will certainly decide the fate of each political party in the elections.

It is on us, the young voters to think about it, about electing the right Government and even about being a part of the system by JOINING POLITICS.