BI-WEEKLY POLL RESULTS: Would you accept your brother/sister if he/she were a homosexual?

Posted on October 15, 2008 in Society

My last Bi-Weekly poll was about whether you would accept your brother or sister if he/she were a homosexual?
The results were as follows:
40% of the readers said : Yes they would accept
20% said: No, they wouldn’t accept
40% said : They would disown their brother or sister.

From the above results it is quite clear that there is a great divide. There are a considerable number of people who are ready to accept their dear ones in case they found out that they are homosexuals,
While the other majority is of the extreme thought that they would disown them, no matter what. They would forget their relations and disown them.
While a minority says that they would not accept homosexuality but would try to accept their relatives, somehow.

Through this poll it is quite clear that there are many who need to realise that every person needs to be dealt with humanity and love. No body wants to be treated differently. Every one wants dignity.
People, do consider my plea and revert back through your comments.

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Anshul Tewari