Posted on October 18, 2008

-Anshul Tewari

Recently, on 15th October, Jet Airways layed off 1000 of its employees for the reason that they did not need them. The way by which the trainees and other employeed were terminated was extremely shocking and was in itself a question. How can a company terminate not 1 , not10, but around 1000 staff members? Not that they were incapable of doing their job. They were just given an overnight notice.

Well agreed, the way all this happened was bad, it was shocking and was unfair on the part of the Airways; but what shocked me more (at a personal level) was when I heared about the employees visiting Mr. Raj Thackerey and asking for help. Favour against the injustice done to them. What shocked me even more was that when Jet Airways re-employed them, the media highlighted it as an act of pressure by Mr. Raj Thackerey, the employees went and thanked Mr. Thackerey.
When at one point they said ” Our boss should discussed with us if he had any financial problems, we would have happily worked at lower wages and understood his problems.” Now when their boss Mr. Goyal has re-employed them, and that too at the same wages, instead of thanking him, they are thanking Mr. Thackerey.
We very well know how Mr. Thackerey and his party has worked earlier. I had written about a communal incident by MNS in my earlier article: Should we endorse such politics of hatred (DO READ)

Althought we do not know whether it was an effect of the political pressure or not, we surely know that the media was sensationalisng the whole matter.

I remember that when Mr. Arjun Singh had asked for reservations to be increased, the students of AIIMS protested in the most lawfull manner, and in a way almost won. They did not ask for any political help. That’s known as YOUTH POWER.

Well, shouldnt the young and vibrant employees/trainees of Jet Airways been self dependent, and asked for valid reasons and lawfully protested?
Do we actually need political help to do what we want to? Do we need our sources to show our importance?
Are we not self dependent? Is this the way by which the youth will move ahead towards a better India?
All these questions need an answer.
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