Posted on November 28, 2008 in Politics, Society
-Anshul Tewari

On November 26-27-28, 2008, Mumbai, India faced its biggest epidemic ever, terror attacks on The Taj Mahal hotel, Hotel Oberoi Trident, Nariman House and the CST railway station. Over a 100 citizens and non citizens lost their lives to this havoc and over 350 injured. This is the first of its kind attack by terrorists on any country in the world history. In this article I will not be describing the incident (as most of us know about it), rather, I will be talking about the situation we are facing personally, socially as well as politically.

THE POLITICAL RESPONSIBILITY: This morning, when I went on to read the news paper, my eyes caught an advertisement. It was a BJP ad camapign which said as follows- ” BRUTAL TERROR STRIKES AT WILL: Weak Government, Unwilling and Incapable. FIGHT TERROR: VOTE BJP”. Well this is not it, the Chief Minister of Gujrat, Mr. Narendra Modi later condemned the message issued by the PM, on November 27th, evening. BJP also said that we have a weak governance due to which such attacks are happening. They posed themselves to be the solution to terrorism.
Well, statements and ad campaigns like these have irritated us and made us more than angry and unhappy. In such a situation when the whole country needs to come together as one, the political parties are poinitng fingers at each other, condemning each others actions. This attack is a less of damage to the citizens and a more of damage to the soveriegnity, and why? Because of our so called Leaders Politicians.
Their duty should be to help each other by suggesting ways to fight terror rather than condemning each other. Well, personally, we should condemn such politicians. In a scenario when all of us are confused as to whom should we vote, this havoc is working as a dice in the hands of the opposition.
We expect our leaders not to fight each other, but to fight our national problems. But will they ever do such a thing? The sickest ( I rarely use this word) thing is that the politicians are so desperate for power and position that they have become blind. Blind enough to see the common mans’ problem and the national interest.
The other day, me and my friends met a Radio Van of a mainstream political party who questioned us about the attack, claiming to create awareness amongst the youth. Their dialogues were focussing on condemning the Government and its actions. Well, I want them to know that by disregarding the opposition, or any party in that case, no one can spread awareness. Awareness lies in showing both sides of a coin, making others have better understaning of the issue, letting them know how they can help and then letting them decide as to what is right and what is wrong. This is what we at Youth Ki Awaaz strive to achieve. But again, Politics of hatred has suppressed our problems and issues. We must understand the problem, and instead of playing the blame game we should help each other. Not because it is our duty, but because WE CAN and WE WILL.
THE MEDIA RESPONSIBILITY: Well, this time the media has certainly not disappointed us by showing controversial bytes(until now). Its reporting until now has been worth watching as they have not shown or reported wrong or sensational information. One thing which NDTV and the CNN IBN did, and I think others must do is condemning the sensational dialogues by the polticians as well as their ad campaigns. Where CNN IBN showed its grief over the act of such politicians, NDTV mentioned that no political party is worth trusting.
Well as most of the Indian citizens watch Hindi news channels, it is on them to create awareness (in a true sense).
THE YOUTH RESPONSIBILITY: It is us, the youth, who have to do something, not by entering the battle field, but by having a better understanding of our nations problems. We can’t probably reach the level of our leaders that easy, but who said that its impossible. We are the future policy makers of our country and it is in our hands to react to this in a mature manner, not by condemning anyone, or by sitting quiet even after being aware, but by casting our vote after good analysis of each and every leader and more than that, by voicing ourselves and not forgetting what our emblem teaches us : Satyamev Jayate
It is our voice which can make others rethink and react to such acts by anti-national elements whose aim is to dis-integrate our nationality, harmony, unity, integrity and sovergienity. We can’t afford to sleep, and let others bare the brunt. We have to act right now.

Post your comments and be heard. Be the voice. Be the Youth Ki Awaaz.