Am I Safe?

Posted on January 9, 2009

-Anshul Tewari

Recently in Noida, an incident which shocked us all was the rape of a 21 year old MBA student near a busy mall. The incident was a gang rape by boys celebrating their victory in a cricket match.
Noida has more often than not been in the news for all sorts of crimes. This is not new, in 2008, Noida witnessed the much talked about Aarushi murder case, earlier than that, the Nithari case, the murder of Sheeba Thomas and various other incidents.
What has shocked the residents of Noida is the frequency of these incidents, a recent addition to which has been the rape case.
The facts have it that Noida is certainly NOT safe for girls. Parents are worried about their daughters, husbands are worried about their wives and it is obvious. Although the Noida police claims to be doing their job pretty well, it is evident from the frequency of the incidents that how well is the job being done.

Noida is a part of Uttar Pradesh, which has always been popular for crime.
In the recent rape case, although the police caught the criminals within 24 hrs. (not all), no conclusion has been reached. While talking to a few of my friends (girls), I could clearly make out the fear in their minds regarding Noida. The criminal boys belong to a local village named Garhi Chowkhandi, and the worst part is that the Sarpanch (head) of the village said “it is JUST a rape”, the villagers have been protesting the arrest of their boys and are saying that the ‘innocent‘ boys are being framed. All this rubbish being spoken by the villagers leaves a question on their humanity. The criminals earlier admitted to their crime in front of the police but in front of the judges, they denied their dialogue of acceptance.

As much as I am ashamed, I am angry and a bit afraid, thinking that am I safe in this city?
Let me quote a few more examples of rowdiness prevalent in Noida. It is often noticed that village boys from different villages within Noida, roam around in their tinted glass cars and tease girls, and if you dare to stare at them, they would come out and beat you up. Boys on bikes keep on eve teasing and nobody dares to stop them. Very few approach the police, who advice the innocent victims to shut down the case to save themselves from the tedious court case processes. Local rowdyism is prevalent in almost all parts of Noida and is currently at its peak. The citizens, especially the girls are frustrated, angry but helpless. The local Government never comes ahead to take the responsibility to ensure their safety.

According to the Times of India the Noida police is understaffed, never get bonuses for solving crimes, pay for their mobile phones and often do duty on a stretch of 20hrs. so they are tired, depressed and almost all develop hypertension by the age 40. The quick transfer of U.P. Police is also a factor for semi solved crimes and ever increasing crimes.

The recent case raised a few questions in my mind, What is the Superintendent of Police in Noida doing? If he wants he can very well make the police more vigilant, What are our local MLA’s doing? What is our Mr. MP doing? And most of all, what is our CM doing?
These are all people in power and if they want they can very well curb this problem. But nobody does. Every crime from rapes, threats, murders to petty crimes is prevalant in Noida.
I still wonder if I am safe in Noida or not. A city where rowdiness is at its peak, a city where people can get away with their crime easily, a city where the local police seems to sleep and be helpless. Am I safe?

Do post your comments if you faced any incident in your city, or if you want to write something in addition, or simply post your views.

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