But When…?

Posted on January 3, 2009

-Anshul Tewari

Hello everyone,
This is not a regular article on some social issue, some politicians, or some criminal. I am not here to write on what you deserve or what you desire, I won’t tell you what to do as your responsibility. Not because I have written too much of it, but because you can’t here me, not only me, but millions like me. Millions who are working 24 hours to wake you up. Millions who chose not to do a million dollar job in USA and stay back to serve their country. Millions who are living selflessly so that others who are selfish can care more about themselves. Millions who take the road less taken just to rebuild it so that you travel on a safer path. But why should I care? Am I being affected? I write for many of us today….after all, I write as a miniature part of The Voice of the Youth.

When Mumbai blasts occur, I get outraged, I blame my Government. I reach the media and start questioning the influential people, I get angry and demand the hanging of each and every criminal, then after a month, I forget and move on, and even if I don’t forget, life has to move on.

When communal riots occur, I crib, I blame the other religion, I see the victims cry, feel sorry for them, and move on.

When a Jessica Lal or a Manjunath is murdered, I do peace march’s, I light up candles at the India gate and hold up posters saying “Give them Justice“. I am not aware of the million others who have faced the same. I forget all this a month later, and move on, after all that is what life is.

When I see a street child drugging himself, I pity him, but I move on and do nothing about it.

I criticize my country’s roads in bad conditions, I criticize my countries Police, but never do I file a complaint, fearing that I might get involved in a serious case which might prove against me.

I see a road accident but fear calling 100 or giving the victim a bit of help by dropping him to a hospital nearby fearing that the police might start questioning me and suspect my presence on the scene. And that is because I never knew a Supreme Court ruling stating that in case I am a bystander and wish to help someone in an accident, I can go ahead and do so. My responsibility ends as soon as I leave the person at the hospital. The hospital bears the responsibility of informing the police, first aid, etc.And all this is because I am unaware.

When Taj hotel, Nariman House, CST raliway station and Hotel Oberoi are attacked by terrorists, I again blame my Government, I pledge to make a change, I pledge to join the system, I pledge to do my bit. But all I do is crib, debate with unimportant people, and talk talk and talk. I move on, because that is life.

The coming generations would have been used to of these problems…..

Recently, a sub-constable told me that he had witnessed many incidents, out of which in only 10% of the cases did he find a responsible citizen doing his duty.
But who am I to care?, I never get affected. I claim to be aware, but that’s it.

But when will I understand that just the claim is not enough, when will I understand that just taking the pledge is not important, following it is, but when will I understand that I am EQUALLY responsible for what MY country goes through. Will I understand when it’s just too late and there is no looking back, no analysing our mistakes and only cribbing? When will I be a responsible Indian? When will I be like a hero to others? When……

I crib, I get angry, I debate, I demand, I am not aware, but I never take the responsibility to make a change, because I am crippled…….. or am I? Think about it and let me know.

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