Enough of Terror, Anyone Coming to Join Hands?

Posted on January 22, 2009 in Politics, Society

India has been subject to a number of terror attacks in the recent past. It is high time we join hands and put a halt to this menace. Read on as our avid reader -Ashik Gosaliya gives his take on the entire issue:

One after another, serial bomb blasts rock the nation. Either our financial capital Mumbai or our IT capital Bangalore, India has often been subject to terror attacks.

The largest democracy of the world and having 3rd biggest armed and paramilitary forces, our nation is facing problems in tackling these issues.

Even after being bombed, people of Bangalore, especially professionals had started a signature Champaign online and immediately circulated an SMS, to join the hands to fight this kind of strikes on Bangalorians.

People are silent after the storm and ready to live with it. They forget about what had happened to them. We have never seen any media person asking such questions to the people who matter.

Our Home Ministry provided security and paramilitary forces only after the blasts. There is no protocol to be followed to tackle such incidents. Politicians are playing their favourite blame game. We can only hope, and many of us are pretty sure that the newly established NIA (National Investigation Agency) might come to our rescue.

There were many casualties which raised a number of questions in the minds of people. When will effective policies be formed? When will the internal security be tightened?

There are a number of leaders who do not care what the common man is facing; they are too busy in gathering votes and the blame game. They are diverting our minds from the main issues.

There is a sense that people in India are selfish and only think about their day to day livelihood. If some one is lying injured on the road, very few take the initiative to help the person.

This is the right time to join hands and create a terror free world. The future generations must not see a worse India; they must only see a better world. It is our Nation and our duty.