Lets Do It

Posted on January 29, 2009 in Politics

After all that has happened, our political system has failed to produce desired results. Elections are around the corner, and now is the time to exercise our most fundamental right to vote. Read as our writer -Ashik Gosaliya tells us the importance of this right. Nothing more can we expect from the Pakistan as the Pakistani media has reported that the Government there has established that Mumbai attacks has nothing to do with Pakistan as it was planned outside their territorial boundaries. Indian foreign policy is what is hurting us. I am sure it wasn’t a best time to call a war on Pakistan given the economic situation across the globe. Indeed, Indian government would have been able to put forth the facts of the Mumbai terror attacks in front of the world community.
India, once again failed to take its case forward to create a pressure on the Pakistan to curb the cross border activities.

Whenever our politicians or ministers asked about progress on the attacks that took place in India, the only reply that came has been shape as “investigation is going on.” With smiling faces and without any ashamedness, they ask people to be watchful as if we have elected them to rule us not for the betterment of ours but to destroy the whole Indian nation.
Just recently, foreign minister when asked about the progress regarding the Mumbai attacks and Mr. Mukherjee replied that diplomatic efforts are continuous process but they fail to earn the single coin from the new US admin in this regard. Although Mr.Mukherjee has been the only politician in the Government to have worked his toes off in this matter but the angry Indian expects more.

Guys wake up…..general elections are just around the corner. How long are we going to have these unanswered questions? How long will our leaders come from the criminal back ground? Almost every fundamental of Indian democracy is sound; the only one leg of its base which needs to be over thrown or revolutionized is our political system.

Young people have the key solution this time that the elections are around. Politicians will bring no change to Indian society and progress. It’s the Indian youth, which is 75% of India’s total population, which can bring about the desired change. Rather than lamenting about the political system and trying to awaken the politicians, the Indian youth has to vote in one logical and desired direction to achieve the target of a better India by 2020.


Make sure you cast, make sure that you reach out to at least 50 people in next 3 months to make them aware about the need of the hour. Not only that, inspire those 50 people to reach out to another 50 people for the same cause. We can do this with help of tools like youthkiawaaz.com and many others.

This is a wakeup call, rather than lamenting about Govt doing nothing we will have to take charge and choose our able leader, compatible enough to tackle the problems of the nation and who could also reply to the need of the nation.
Otherwise another terror attack is waiting for us from the soil of the Pakistan, and we will be waiting for our politicians to be shameless again. If this is the way to a revolution, change will not be adapted by the Indian youth. We have to make sure that we create this revolution, because the situation will get out of the hands of the common Indian and when there is no hope one turns to weapons, like we have been witnessing in the states of east India.
Let’s make a promise to ourselves, now we will stop India’s breaking into ravaged pieces.
Let me see how many of us are going to promise to his or her own self that we will make 50 people aware and make sure that they vote and vote for the progress not vote for the sake of voting.
Few, who commented, asked me to show the practical way to make the things happen for India and its youth. Here is the way and all are free to correct me and show other ways to do it. But guys this time………LETS DO IT.