The Indian Taliban: A Group of Barbarians

Posted on January 29, 2009 in Politics, Society

-Anshul Tewari

A few days back, Mangalore witnessed an incident which has brought shame and utter disrespect for the so called Indian fundamentalists. Workers of the Shri Ram Sena (Lord Ram’s Army) entered a pub and started beating up women who were partying.
According to the Sena, all these activities, when done by women are unethical and against moral grounds of Indian culture. Women must not drink, smoke, dance in public places, and must be dressed in ethnic wear only, is what the Indian Fundamentalists, like the Sena think. When asked about the incident, women from metropolitan cities condemned it as an act of Hooliganism and Terrorism. Should we, the Youth take such acts quietly?

Nowhere in the culture does it specify that women should not be allowed to indulge in such social activities. Director Pooja Bhatt said that the act was akin to what the Taliban or a hardline group from Pakistan would do.

More often than not, attacks on women are backed by so called cultural and religious reasons. Often, the culprits do not realise that the culture or religion does not allow bashing up of women. And if a culture does allow such acts, I condemn it.

These acts are not only acts of Hooliganism backed by lame excuses, but also violate a person’s fundamental right to choose. If a certain group, community or an individual has a particular ideology, he/she/they must deliver their message in a non radical, peaceful manner and not through violence.

India has been witness to such criminal acts earlier as well. In 2001, fundamentalists of Bajrang Dal burned down streets, houses, property and killed a number of Muslims in Gujrat in a communal rage. Hindu fundamentalists burned down houses and killed a number of Christians in Kandhamal, forcing them to convert to Hinduism. Forceful conversion in the Kandhamal district had also been done by Evangelical Christian Fundamentalists a few years back. Not only this, there have been a number of incidents of women bashing, communal violence and forceful imposition of power and rules by such groups in the past.

The rise of violent fundamental groups has put forward security questions in the minds of many of us. Political backing of these groups forwards their path towards violence. The question here is that ‘Are these groups in any way less than the hardcore elements prevailing in Pakistan and Afghanistan? Will India be subject to similar domestic terrorism?’

A country of cultural and communal diversity, India must not be ruled by these perpetrators of violence and injustice. These groups must be banned without second thoughts. This is certainly not the future what we want to see or want our future generations to witness. We must condemn such acts of hooliganism and terrorism and hold hands to fight back against them.


We must understand that nobody can violate any persons right to choose or invade someone else s life illegally. Its high time we did something. Join hands, show your concern and take action against hardline dictators who impose their ideologies through muscle power.

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