ANIMAL SLAUGHTER IN INDIA: Does Any Religion Promote It?

Posted on February 3, 2009 in Society

For a long time, controversies are on a high regarding the slaughtering of innocent animals-birds at different religious places. Most of the religious people who indulge in these acts are not ready to accept this tradition as a superstition and a crime. This tradition has been stopped at some places where people are well aware, but at many places it still continues. To stop these kinds of cruel traditions in our society we can’t just depend on the administration; sometimes it also needs the interference of the common man and leaders. But unfortunately most of us and our said leaders don’t know the meaning of “RELIGION” and the purpose of “religious preaching”. A question always rises, “After killing an innocent life, whether any God or Goddess would really bless their followers?” And the answer is certainly “never”. No religion teaches killing of any being in the name of God. Read on as – Umashankar Sahu tells us more about the issue.

In ancient times the tribal people were following “human butchery (human sacrifice)” tradition in their turmeric field, now some of them follow “buffalo butchery (buffalo sacrifice)” tradition in their field, on the other hand, some tribal are not at all following this killing (sacrifice) tradition in their turmeric filed.

In ancient India, when “Aryans” started their strong establishment in this sub continent, no doubt, most of them were out of superstitious beliefs but we also should not deny that some of them liked the beliefs & traditions of non-Aryans as they were living with them on the same land. Those Aryans who liked the superstitious beliefs of Non-Aryans, and liked to follow those beliefs, started to implement those traditions in different pious affairs and Yagnas (Hawan). They started killing Animals in “Yagnas (Hawan)”. This was strongly criticized and unapproved by Lord Buddha & Aadi Sankaracharya. Many people justify themselves and these superstitious beliefs by giving different excuses like “the tradition of killing animals (animal sacrifice tradition) is written in Vedas.” But in real, there is no such teaching in the Vedas, but yes, the ancient scholars who created the Vedas used some rich Sanskrit words, which are having different meanings. The human always searched out their meanings according to their own interests and implemented them by giving a justification of Vedas or any Holy books written by many great saints. Let’s take for example the word “SAINDHAB” which gives us two meanings, one is “salt” and another one is “a horse”. If one person asks for “SAINDHAB” while taking his food, what shall we serve to that person? “Salt ‘or’ a horse?” Obviously salt. We shall not search for a horse to serve him. Like this, most people due to lack of rich & deep intelligence or due to their own interests implement these black beliefs in society & the public simply follow them in the name of religion.

The ancient Indian religion says “the formations of human, including plants, animals and all mortal & immortal are manifestations of God.” It even accepted the microorganisms as beings, which are having their own souls.

The religions are created for the worship of God-Goddess (the creator) and nature through the holy, harmless methods of rituals & puja not through the sacrifices and offerings of flesh & blood. Even the thought of such practices is a sin.

Everyone on this Earth has the right to live. Taking away a being’s life is not only anti-religion but is also a serious offence. Keeping aside the law and religion, killing is also an inhumane act of destroying what the nature has bestowed upon us. Not only shall we condemn such acts, but we must also make sure that we help curtail them.

A culture can never be a culture, a religion can never be a religion, a God can never be a God, if it/he/she teaches killing in the name of religion.
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