Fight Against Corruption, Voice Yourself

Posted on February 6, 2009 in Politics

– Umashankar Sahu

The famous Indian economist “Kautilya” has described that there are two kinds of corruptions. One is called “Consumerist Corruption” and another one is “Survivalist Corruption”. In simple words we can describe them as “Greed based” & “Need based.”

After freedom in India, when corruption was raising its head, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru said in an irritated manner “the corrupt workers should be hanged on electric poles”. But when this issue was discussed in the parliament, he said — “In our country we have to develop different High ways, beautiful constructions, Dams, Industries…Many sky touching apartments like Newyork City & our country shall proceed on the way of rich development. So we should ignore such few faults (corruptions) happening. If we would consider these small-small issues, it may hamper the overall development works of our nation”. As a most important leader of India he might not have thought that, One day corruption will gulp down the whole society.

In India, in 1988, the correction & changes had been done to the “Anti Corruption Law” by making it compulsory to punish those found guilty in cases of corruption. But today no results have been found while sentencing an accused in connection with corruption. One thing is clear and visionable that, if today the public is not ready to act & not ready to change them, then nothing can be done to control this.
The honorable Supreme Court of India said strictly, if a case is filed against any individual while implementing Anti Corruption Laws, the special judges should not give priority to the technicality (small points) of the law but should see how the offense hampered the peaceful society, and how the offense affected the national economic backbone and should give importance for a suitable punishment to the accused after getting the proper witness/proof in this regard.
The crimes which are very much sensitive and affecting the social & economical backbone of the nation are called as “white color crime”. For these kinds of cases the law mustn’t negotiate its strictness & should not soften its decisions against corruption. “Justice should not be denied – Justice should not be delayed”.
In India, as the honorable court has already ordered to provide independent powers to some major Investigation organizations like Central Bureau of Intelligence and Enforcement Directorate and to keep them above different political pressure, but due to some inabilities of Government and lake of initiatives by different political leaders and citizens, corruption is still there. Still we are seeing the corruptions like Bofors Scam, Telecom Scam, Stamp paper scam, Urea scam, Fodder scam and at last scam on purchasing of coffins for died soldiers in Kargil war and many investigation commissions are also sited. But there is no proper resolution coming out of those commissions or no proper people getting punished by the commissions. History says, the world famous philosopher Plato described the morals of making a corruption free society in his “REPUBLIC”, which is known as “Utopian State”. To make a corruption free society, only law is not the savior & prime point. The Government, all Medias, all volunteering organizations & each individuals of the society also needs to raise their voices & take positive steps against corruption. Then no doubt it will bring a better revolution in the society.
Once in a discussion process with a doctor, he said, if diabetes is controlled then a person affected can also live a comfortable life. In the same way, if the public will bring some changes in their lifestyle and makeup their mind for a revolution, then no doubt the corruption can be controlled and can be stopped.