Politics: A Game Of Emotions

Posted on February 18, 2009 in Politics

– Umashankar Sahu

I heard a joke from my colleagues. Once, some great politicians of our country were on a foreign tour. While they were in an international flight, a great idea came to their magical mind. One of them released a Rs.1000/- note from his wallet, said “I will drop this note, as we are now flying over India if any Indian gets the Rs.1000/- note, it may help that person.” Another politician said “No-No, instead of a Rs.1000/- Note, if he would like to drop ten no.s of Rs.100/- note, then it may help 10 Indian people. Another one said to drop Rs.50/- notes which may help 20 Indian people. One by one, each one of them appealed & increased the no. of notes to drop to the Indian earth. Like this they were unable to fix out the no. of notes to drop, as all were giving different statements. At last they searched for a non political person in the flight, to find out the solution. So now they made up their mind to ask this to the flight Captain. Now they went to the captain to ask his view on the issue. They all expressed their own justifications to the captain and waited to get some positive solution. The Captain kept silent for few seconds and replied, “You people please don’t drop any notes from the Indian sky for Indians, I will drop this flight and crash it, and I am sure all Indians must feel relieved & relaxed.

On 26 November 2008, Mumbai faced a calamity. Many innocents died because of those unkind, inhuman terrorists. Police officers, the Indian Army & the Commandos fought, and saved the day. But what do the politicians do? They arrange several meetings, declared compensations & packages. They pronounced their words against terrorism in different meetings and gatherings. One said “If terrorists will not stop their activities, they will have to pay a great value; now we must take strict actions on terrorists & terrorism; the individuals or organizations, which supports or involves terrorism activities will be coming under scan very soon; we’ll not spare those who support terrorists.” Some great politicians even declared war against the neighboring country. And the Indian mass is really extremely emotional in nature and reacted in a similar way.
Every promise, every strict action, will turn back and vanish as the horns vanished from donkey’s head. But the politicians from both the countries make the blame game a better issue for their political career and upcoming elections. By taking these issues only they can play several games like the “April-fool” with the innocent public and their feelings.
All those who play with the emotion of innocents, should mind one thing that now the public is aware and they know very well the formula of 5 W’s i.e. “Who, Why, When, Where & What …” They know now who, is better & who is not. So dear Politician, you seem aware but beware….!!!