Success and Failure: Their Role in Creating a Revolution

Posted on February 2, 2009

Success is always found hidden in the revolutionary hard work. Don’t think that by Intelligence or opportunity only, can we achieve success; success needs hard work and deep concentration too. No doubt, most of the times we have seen that by implementing opportunities in the right place we do get grand success, but there are many examples in our history that sometimes we need to create opportunities to achieve success. As everybody knows that creating opportunities is very tough; but rare initiative for success shows many ways. Read on as – Umashankar Sahu enlightens us about the topic.

By the way, if we think keenly over the topic of success & failure, it depends upon each & every person’s own work strategy, attitude and self interest. The person, who independently works and implements his decisive power effectively, always achieves grand success. The lives where no egoism is there & the people who cheerfully accept other’s success and happiness, are continuously achieving content state of mind. To make things possible, hard work and deep concentration is needed.

There was an old saint in a village. After his long years in meditation he was able to answer all questions successfully. Once, two antisocial youth from the village made a plan to insult the Saint. They came there with a purpose to prove his answers wrong anyhow and to offend him in front of the villagers. Among those two, one was having a live insect in his fist. He asked the Saint, “Dear Sir can you please say, whether the insect in my hand is alive or dead?” The old Saint answered “My Dear Son! If I will say the insect you hold is alive, you will kill it by tightening your fist and will show me the dead one, and if I say the insect is dead, you will show me alive one.” In this answer the Saint indirectly gave the clue to those two young men that “Whether my answer is true or false, it totally depends on you, because both success and failure exist in your hands…!”

A well planned positive concentrated hard work always proves as a key to success. All the famous personalities in this world, who are famous for their own creativity in their own field have used a single formula for their success i.e. — Hard Work, Deep Concentration and strong will power. Unluckily we are forgetting these and unnecessarily trying to prove some of them the person of failure.