Revolution should start at home

Posted on March 2, 2009 in Politics

By – Umashankar Sahu

Read on as Umashankar Sahu gives his take on the current family system in India and how important is change in self before change in society.

The family is the backbone of a Society and a Nation because a well combined group of families create a better society & some better societies create a great Nation. In past decades we people had a cheerful family life. Those time Grannies, grandchildren, father-mother, brother-sister, uncles-aunts, In-laws were staying beneath a single roof with all happiness. But now we can say the joint family system has been completely unroofed. The unity and happiness of many families is disrupted due to lack of real discipline. Misunderstandings are creeping even in small families. People are dying or injuring due to different family issues with their own or with neighbors. Now the society has lost its peaceful environment. As per sociologists the families are just like the foundation of a building; the building falls down when its foundation gets weaker or quaked, similarly, calamities happen in a Nation, if the families of that Nation are weak or intervallic.

No doubt, most people are very much developed, educated and rich, they see various TV programs to take care of their health and to create a healthy-smiley family but are not able to make it happen. Lack of trust and coordination among them, lead a family towards ravage. People are making distance from people because of egoism, abuse, violence. And these poisons spread across the society, Nation, respectively, and ruins them.
The ancient Indian sages said:
Shanti Tulya Tapo Nasthi, Na Santoshatparam Sukham;
Na Trushnayah Paro Byadhi, Na Cha Dharmo Daya Samah
It means: Peace is the biggest meditation, Satisfaction is the richest happiness, Thirstiness is the biggest disease and Kindness is the largest religion.

According to Mahatma Gandhi nobody should feel insulted or inferior to do their own work. He strictly implemented this phenomenon at his “Ashrams” and most of his disciples also followed him and implemented it in their own life, family and society and were living a simple but cheerful life. But now we shall say, we want what we don’t need in real. And thus lead to an unpleasant life.

In this advanced world, smoking and are the other factors which ruin a family and a society desperately. Unfortunately in India after freedom, various Govt.’s have issued uncountable licenses to all these death merchants to open their business in every corner on the country. Does anybody count how many people are dying or how many families tearing down because of this?

Now is the time to build a peaceful Nation. If everybody should make their own family a cheerful, trustworthy family and each responsible person of a society should help at least one more family to be a cheerful family; no doubt, the nation shall automatically become a nation of peace, love & all worthwhile developments.