Youth Ki Awaaz birthday special, 31st March 2009: The team behind Youth Ki Awaaz

Posted on March 30, 2009 in Environment, Politics, Society

Hey fellow readers,

You have been reading the blog and participating in our discussions for a very long time. Now is the time we would like all of you to know a little bit about us and our team, working behind Youth Ki Awaaz.

It is sheer determination and hard work which goes into our everyday working to make this initiative possible. Facing all hurdles, from low readership to a number of instances, we have now completed one year of spreading awareness and trying to make a change.

So, find below the team of change makers, their experiences and words by them:

Anshul Tewari (Founder and Editor-in-Chief: Youth Ki Awaaz)- Anshul Tewari, a student of Journalism from Delhi University, having keen interest in writing, got the idea of blogging from his brother Piyush Tewari(Co-Founder- Save Life Foundation). It was not preplanned that the blog would be about making a change, but as the idea developed, so did the vision and the mission. Now, after completing one year of Youth Ki Awaaz, Anshul feels happy to reach an audience but he says “We have a long long way to go”. “Change is not about heroic acts or acts of defiance, change lies in oneself, change in the society requires each one of us to introspect and change ourselves first. India is in dire need for a tranquilizer, and that is the youth who have the ability to understand the needs and aspirations of India and lead us to a better future.” says Anshul.

“The idea of blogging about social, political and environmental issues came to my mind when, while watching the news, I realized the need for a change. Conducting researches on various issues, I soon got to know that creating awareness is the first step towards change. Hence, Youth Ki Awaaz was launched.

Initially, I was the only writer, publisher and blogger involved. The blog had zero readership and had to face a number of hurdles. But, as I got to know more and more about blogging, Youth Ki Awaaz developed. The design, the concept, the promotion strategies, everything developed.

Months later, with some good content we were able to reach a considerable audience interested in making a change. Later, after around 6 months of blogging, people from all parts of the world started coming to Youth Ki Awaaz and discussed issues of importance. They even sent their articles and views by mail. This was certainly a sign that people want their voices to reach out to millions.

Today, we have some loyal readers, but not many; but we do hope to reach out to the whole world and make the change. This would not have been possible without our Writer’s Guild. I acknowledge my sincere regards to each one of them.

The thought provoking articles at Youth Ki Awaaz are just a way to persuade the youth to make a change. This is just a small form and the beginning. India has a long way to go, and we hope to be a part of the change. My sincere thanks to all our readers, contributors, commentators and team members “, says Anshul.

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Pratima Mishra (Advisor and Managing Editor: Youth Ki Awaaz) Pratima Mishra, a student of Journalism firmly believes that having a positive attitude is the key to development. Having special interest in social and crime related issues, Pratima is currently heading the Hindi version of Youth Ki Awaaz.

Pratima says,”To create a change, we need to develop our mindset and take it forward, leaving behing the past and concentrating at our future.”

“Through this blog we wish to change the thought process of people and take it towards a positive direction. This cannot be done single handedly, all of us must take a stand for what is right, and contribute in the rebuilding of our nation. Our Bharat Mata.

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Umashankar Sahu (Orissa): Umashankar Sahu, founder of the Sanjivani Bharat Foundation, has been deeply involved with Youth Ki Awaaz. Doing his bit for the community through his NGO, Umashankar believes that action is the real measure of intelligence.

From the very beginning of his association with Youth Ki Awaaz, Umashankar has been keenly interested in each and every article and discussion at Youth Ki Awaaz. His articles have always been highly thought provoking and enriching. One surely gets to know a lot after reading his articles.

Umashankar has always been entering into healthy conversations about India with Anshul and has been of great help to Youth Ki Awaaz at a personal level. From providing details about his organisation to involving us in each of his special tasks, Umashankar has always done his bit for the society at the grass root level.

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Ashik Gosaliya: Ashik Gosaliya, a political writer of Youth Ki Awaaz has always been a great source of information on politics. Holding a, MCA and a Journalism (Diploma) degree, Ashik feels that blogging as a part of Youth Ki Awaaz is the best tool to make people aware of the present India and ignite fire, to fight for people’ rights.

He also feels that there is more that can be done with regard to Youth Ki Awaaz. Ashik is one of our best political writers.

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Sumant: A fellow blogger, writer, editor and a translator, multi talented Sumant has contributed to one of our special election features’. Sumant writes thought provoking articles on his blog as well. A sure read.

When asked about Youth Ki Awaaz, Sumant said “It is a platform to express views and
also to be able to know about the views of other like-minded people.This opens the doors for provoking new thoughts and also for improving oneself,apart from the satisfaction of being able to do something for the country and its people.”

Sumant says, “The most important thing that makes youth ki awaaz special is
that it gives opportunity to everyone to freely express his/her positive views and creative suggestions. I hope to have a long-long association with this mission.” ” Youth is the biggest asset for any country as the future of a country depends on the youth. This also means that the
future of the world and the humanity as well, depends on the youth.”

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Kiran Rao: A recent addition to our team has been that of a fellow blogger, Kiran Rao. Kiran blogs about a number of issues, incidents and personal experiences at Hope Horizons, his blog.

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Parul Sabherwal: Parul, a student of journalism and a hard worker, has had one of the longest associations with Youth Ki Awaaz. Her determination and task managing skills have made her an important part of our team.

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Well, so this is it about our current team.

Youth Ki Awaaz will continue its work and keep you updated with the articles. What we want from you is your voice.

We would love to see each one of you as a part of our team of writers, contributors, commentators or any other work you would like to assist our cause with. We want to see everyone as a part of this change making process, because we all must believe that we are ONE PEOPLE, ONE VOICE.

We hope to see a brighter future tomorrow, but as we always say, this is possible only if we join hands and work together for a better future.

Jai Hind-
Youth Ki Awaaz