A battle of campaigns…

Posted on April 6, 2009 in Politics

-Anshul Tewari

This is the latest advancement in the campaigning of Indian political parties. This is not only a battle of words, not only a battle of leaders but also a battle of advertisements. With the Lok Sabha elections coming closer, India’s major political parties, namely the BJP and the Congress have tightened their seat belts. In the race for the Prime Ministerial crown, both the parties are trying their level best to influence the voters by way of media campaigns.

Be it the ‘Bhay ho‘ or ‘Jai ho‘, they are leaving no stone unturned to make us vote for them.

Having an idealistic and a technical approach to both the political parties and their advertisements can help us analyse their ideologies.

The Congress came out with an advertisement in which they featured the much popular song ‘Jai Ho!’ In the ad, they are focussing on the developmental work that they have done. Be it the Chandrayaan, or the Laadli yojana, better rural facilities or the technological developments; overall, the Congress party is talking about its schemes of development and their implementation, which is a known fact.

The BJP came out with an advertisement featuring a song on the lines of Jai Ho! with self composed lyrics and named it ‘Bhay Ho!’ In this ad the BJP is simply trying to demoralize the Congress and is focusing mainly on the mishaps that occurred at the time of the UPA Government. They talk about the terror attacks, the recession, the price rise and various other problems. The BJP has forgot the mishaps when it was in power.

The BJP ads somewhere do have a projection of the poor India and looks like a documentary by a foreigner based on ‘poor India’. But that is a personal perspective.

Well, the thing to be noted here is that one ad talks of development, while one ad is busy picking the mistakes of the UPA. It could have been better if BJP could have taken out an ad which focussed on their upcoming schemes. Instead of blaming and showing the other party down, the BJP must show themselves up by letting us know what they can do. Well, am pretty unsatisfied with BJP, specially after the comparative analysis.

In the BJP manifesto, there are a number of schemes which are an extension of those started by Congress.

Even, the ad by BJP which is a positive streak in the race for better advertisements, does not focus on what they will do. Not everyone has access to the BJP manifesto, but the majority does have an access to the television. I would like BJP to know that maybe if they could publicize about what they will do, a bit more, they could score ahead, a bit more.

Although the BJP is being accepted by the majority as a ‘hindi bhashi’ party, the Congress must start the usage of Hindi more frequently in order to influence the masses.

Well, the politics in India does have a long way to go.

Post your comments so that we can know points of difference or points of agreement.

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