Mr. Politician, what are you upto?

Posted on April 20, 2009 in Politics

-Anshul Tewari

Elections are closing in and so are the campaigns. Politicians are running here and there to confirm the last possible vote. The blazing summers are not stopping any of the politicians from stopping their rallies. They are all the more charged and ready to take on their opponents. With a never seen before response from the voters, the politicians are all the more worried as to will they be able to cast an impact?

But asking the right question, at the right time, to the right person, can make our vote count. But what do we need to ask? We need to ask ourselves that what is it that we need? What is it that will affect us all? What is it that we can do?

Another set of questions we must ask ourselves is:

Do we want to get fooled by false campaigns about our country’s development?
Do we want communal violence in our nation?
Do we want propagandists taking over our mind and manipulating it the way they want?
Do we want moral policing?
Do we want to live in dungeons of hatred?
Do we want our voices to go unheard?
Do we believe in development or do we believe in anti-establishment?
Do we want our rural brothers to be self sufficient or do we want them to commit suicides?
Do we want a nation where women can walk safely on roads, no matter what the time be?
Do we want criminals in politics? or celebrities? or real leaders?
Do we wish to have better roads?
Do we want better schemes?

More than these, do we want the ground reality of our country to be hidden? Where the rate of child labour and female foeticide is ever increasing. Where discrimination is taking over our broad mindedness. Where one voice raised is one voice less. Where fun means brutal ragging. All these are important issues often neglected.

The politicians fail to address the real issues which affect the common man. They indulge in blame games, even when the country is in the midst of an epidemic. A new breed of politicians have come forward, but they will take some time to establish themselves in the Indian leadership.

What steps will be taken for efficient transport system?
Who will ensure our safety, especially of women?
Can we ever look beyond caste and creed to a positive campaign of hope and change?
What will it take to make India world class?
Who will make sure that terrorists no more enter our territorial boundaries?

I request you all to raise these questions before you vote and then think whom to vote for. There is no doubt that all of us are supporters of some or the other party, but now is the time to think above political parties. It is the time to think that who indulged in development and who indulged in hatred and violence.

Let’s make this vote count. Let’s be worthy citizens and act as responsible ones.