Munna Bhai”s Gandhi Giri gets Devil”s Touch

Posted on April 2, 2009 in Politics

-Ashik Gosaliya

Morals are something we Indians often talk about and are proud for. But these morals have been broken, especially in the Indian politics.
Rifts between brother and sister have come on the streets and very smartly, the crack in the relationship is being used to snick in to the family.

Sanjay Dutt, popularly known as ‘Munna Bhai’ has suddenly woken up to the fact that he is not an official and natural heir of the late legendry actor and MP Sunil Dutt and the charm and status of his father have both gone to his sister Priya Dutt. Sanjay, the new mascot of Gandhi Giri, has gone cloth less in blaming the congress party for the death of his father. Ridiculous was the reason, given by Sanjay Dutt for the death. He claimed “My father died because of the Congress. They did not listen to him…. such a senior leader, and took Sanjay Nirupam in Congress, the man who abused him when he was in Shiv Sena. He died because of that.” Sanjay, who was once respected for his acting skills and his emotional character, is certainly on the way of earning himself a bad name. After this comment by Sanjay, he has disappointed the urban audience as well as some parts of rural India. The question is that is Sanjay too dumb to see what is happening or is he just a pawn in the hands of other political leaders?

The way Sanjay is spreading the venom against the Congress party and maligning the reputation of his own sister, one can easily guess whose words he is speaking, none other than one of the most cagey face of Indian politics, general secretary of Samajwadi party, Mr Amar Singh. Old congress folk and now broker of the Bollywood, Amar Singh is said as the mimic face of Indian politics.

The Samajwadi Party workers have various criminal charges on them. You can’t expect a party with criminals to show any morality or honesty. Being the son of Sunil Dutt, and people across the nation, Sanjay has admirers not only because of his acting but also because of his parents and their honesty. He was expected to have shown some sort of ethics and principles. Joining Mulayam Singh and Amar Singh has certainly earned Sanjay a bad name and especially after the kind of politics he is playing has certainly gone against him. The Supreme Court rightly averted the disaster in denying him the right to contest the election. Sanjay has diminished the value of Gandhi Giri. Munna Bhai doesn’t do Gandhi Giri any more.

Now he has been inducted as a “Mahasachiv” of the Samajwadi Party, I think its best time for India to come out of “dream India” and face the reality. We have best chance this time to send only those people in parliament who have credentials, morals, principles and India at heart. Not like hypocrites who say something and do something.
So, the question is, is ‘Chamcha Giri’ the new movie for Sanjay?