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How To Avoid Attacks: Tips and Steps

Posted on May 31, 2009 in Society

Nitin Ticku

How important is it for us to take care of ourselves while visiting a new place. Read on as we share some tips.


1) Do not let your agent or any relative create phobia in your mind. Don’t travel abroad with a preconceived notion that every stranger is there to hurt you.

2) When people try to interact with you, or try to bully you, don’t run away or don’t feel scared. Be bold, confident and and don’t show that you are scared. Interact confidently. This will avoid any possible trouble.

3) It’s always better to face or solve a problem, than run from it. If you run from a problem, it will always follow you. So deal with your problems and solve them. If someone tries to attack you or bully you, try to challenge them, create noise and get people on your side. If in train, you can press the emergency button. But sensible retaliation is the key.

4) If you meet a drunkard or group of people who might be trying to interact with you, you can also interact with them, by saying Hello, Alright etc. Don’t completely ignore them. Remember ignorance can be provocative.

5)It’s always safe to walk in groups at nights. This will make you feel more secure. Again don’t feel scared or threatened. If you get scared of a dog, it will try to scare you more. If you run, the dog will surely follow you and even bite you. However, if you stand your ground firm and don’t get scared, the dog will never harass you, and would rather go it way.