The Third Eye

Posted on May 13, 2009 in Society

– Umashankar Sahu

That evening, I saw at one of the crowded market places of Delhi (NCR), Sector 18(Atta Chowk) in Noida City, an old man crying. Unknowingly I stopped there. I looked at him for some time and I realized that his personality was equal to a typical Indian beggar. His weak physique, ill and suffered face, torn dress, all were defining his life and livelihood very well. Many passersby walked past him but nobody gave even a small glance towards him. ‘Without seeing anybody, move forward’ is the nature of progress in life. If we stop somewhere, it means we stopped our progress. But even after knowing this latest truth of the 21st century, I don’t know why, but I stopped at that crying person and asked “Hey, why are you crying?” The person replied “Sir, I am not a beggar. I am just poor, I am not begging here”. “Then why are you crying?” I asked.

He replied, “Sir, do you really want to know the reason why I am crying? Somewhere I had heard that a poor person’s tear drops are the most powerful. People say that the tear drop of poor people has fuelled many world-shattering incidents. Sir in this country, more than 50% people are poor. Whatever had been done for us or whatever is being done now to remove poverty has had no effect. Many politicians, ministers, organizations, rich and many individuals from our society cried for us but our destiny has not been changed. Now I am crying for them so that my tear could change their fortune. So I am crying here Sir.” I was simply impressed by him and said “It’s ok, but your silent tears will not attract the public of this society. It needs a promotional visualizing action. “I am a Poor”, make a sign board and hang it on your neck. People will at least give you a look.” I think he liked my plan and I don’t know from where but he arranged a sign board and wrote “I am a Poor”, and hung it on his neck. Within two minutes a glazing Mercedes stopped near that person. Slowly the window glass slided down and a well dressed gentleman gazed towards him. He called his 4 to 5 year old son and said, “Oh son, see…! You wanted to see a poor man, right? Now no need to go to a slum; see here’s a poor person standing”. That child clapped with joy and said, “Hey Poor Man….Poor Man….! What does he eats dad..? Won’t he speak? Did he sleep in night?” The gentleman was enjoying his son’s happiness and replied, “Let’s go home, I will tell you. Otherwise you might get a disease from the poor man”. Then the car moved from there. This hurt the poor man, and once again, tears came from his eyes.

Now next, two retired professors were passing through the way and commented at the poor man “Being a poor is now a fashion in this country. After putting all Government plans, budgets and funds for these people, they are not ready to change themselves. They are very happy to live and identify themselves as poor. Let’s do one thing; we will call on a seminar at our club to discuss this issue keenly.” This also hurt the poor man and tears were flowing again from his eyes.

Now, a channel reporter came by and started capturing the video of the poor man from different angles and asked anxiously, “What is the reason behind your tears? Give a bite on it. I will make an exclusive story on your issue”. The Poor man said something which was unclear to me. Now Mr. Reporter said “Ok..Ok…” and happily moved from there. But tears were still rolling out from the poor man’s eyes.

Next some politicians were returning from their election campaigns and unluckily the poor man came across their way. The political parties crossing the way started criticizing each other with several bad and bitter words. But still the tears from the poor man’s eyes didn’t stop.

After some more time, the poor old man suddenly wiped off his tears, roared in anger and declared “Now I understood, these tears alone cannot change a poor man’s destiny. Other than these weak eyes, a third eye, with fire, is needed for each poor man to change their fortune. The fire which can burn all disabilities amongst the poor, the fire which can burn all the neglect among the poor, the fire to go ahead and burn the depending nature of the poor”. Now the poor old man tore the sign board in pieces and threw it in to the road side drain and vanished from that place within seconds.