Weekly Poll Question: Do you think Rahul Gandhi should be the next Prime Minister?

Posted on May 29, 2009

Last week we conducted a weekly poll and the question was Do you think Rahul Gandhi should be the next Prime Minister?

Thanks everyone for voting. The results are as follows:

41% Yes
58% No

The results state that a minority of people do want to see Rahul as the Prime Minister. There are many who believe that Rahul is capable of showing India a new path. The youth icon who led Congress to a historical win has proven his worthiness and has shown a new path of developmental politics.

Whereas, there are a majority of readers who firmly believe that Rahul should not be the PM. There are many versions to this. Some feel that Rahul must gain more experience before becoming the PM, while many feel that Rahul must first act as the Chief Minister of a state (preferably U.P. and maybe then he could look at the Cabinet or the Prime Ministerial ship.

So how do you view this? What do you feel? Post a comment or let u know via email. Mail us at [email protected]

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