The Shine(y) Wears Off

Posted on June 23, 2009

Apurva Desai

Applauds would fill the Oshiwara police station for his alleged gory act, and light up his not so dazzling career, perhaps that’s what triggered Shiney Ahuja to allegedly commit the unimaginable crime. Rape.

Maybe , it was a so called ‘publicity stunt’ by the 19 year old nobody to become a somebody, but, the probability could be low. If it would have been all for publicity she could have held ‘press conferences’, started giving interviews to every ‘newspaper’ to gain popularity and momentum. She did not do even a single such act, if my facts are not wrong. And, only a few shameless girls do THIS , in the name of publicity anyways.

I was a great big fan of Shiney Ahuja, until this news. Actor to alleged Rapist. Not a new concept, but not expected from a happily married man, and a father of a two year old!

‘Consensual Sex’, he named it, the police said. I ask, why does a married man anyways need to go to somebody else? His wife, apparently is supporting him. Talk about losing everything. What is amusing is the way these hot-shot directors keep supporting him by saying, ‘he’s a family guy’, ‘this is illogical’ and stuff. Isn’t it time to stop this nonsense and taint your reputation as well?

To come to think of it, is this some new status symbol? Been there, done that? I am a middle class, not so stylish person. Maybe that’s why I fail to understand the reason behind this crime.

Where is your social responsibility? I want to ask people like him. You are a public figure, you HAVE to maintain a certain code of conduct. You can’t just walk away with anything! There are people who look upto you, and this is the example you set?

India was already struggling to keep up with the international film industry and now, the alleged Rapist/Actor role, will just pull us back down.

I wish he gets a life sentence only if he is guilty. Rape is the number 1 crime on my list of the most heinous crimes. Intolerable is the word.

But we all know the shameless truth, top lawyers could be hired, he could be bailed out and, well, the case might be shushed, so could the poor maid be.

That’s the tragedy of the Indian Jurisdiction, where innocents are killed and criminals take the spotlight. I wonder when will this fake shine wears off!

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