An Independent Nation yet A Dependent Civilisation

Posted on July 14, 2009

Umashankar Sahu

In 1947, the sub continental nation, India, got its freedom. The whole world praised India for its non-violence policy and the patience it had for centuries. Today it has crossed 60 years of its freedom and day by day the civilization of this nation forgets the origin of its freeness. Here, there and every where only violence and violence. Poverty, hunger, corruption, illiteracy, panic, cruelty, harassments and extremism have all swallowed the real and original cultural, social and political lives of the society.

Everybody knows that several festivals are being celebrated by us locally and nationally. Also, we celebrate the Independence Day and the Republic Day by hosting the national Tricolor flag to remember and feel our freedom. But can somebody answer whether these celebrations are meaningful for a slum girl? Can she smile for once by feeling the cheer of independence and freedom?

How much priority can she give to these celebrations as compared to her daily struggling life, to win a piece of bread for her empty stomach? Moving from street to street, collecting used and thrown plastic bags and bottles from dustbins and the garbage lands, is her scheduled daily routine.

This nation and its ancient civilization have given the message of sacrifice and peace to the whole world. There are many historical witnesses of the ancient Indian civilization, how it has rejected the evil powers and the egoism of the unsocial communities in various societies. For centuries, the hidden ideology of this nation has been found in its culture, literature and architectural beauties. But unfortunately today the real national Ideology is neglected by the recent generation. If we say about the social issues like religion, caste, higher-lower group system, obviously the present equation is developing. But the mishaps in association with all these equations occurring are responsible for the unpleasant things happening everywhere. The livelihood of the common man is being ruined; the national integrity is being affected by the current social, cultural and political structure of this country. If we think about the condition of the women of this nation, it seems somehow good and progressive but this is the case of a minority section of the fairer sex, there are several others who suffer and this shows the bad, rather worse condition of women in the Indian society. Not only women but the common man of this society is unable to entertain and enjoy the real taste of freedom.

The real freedom intends to give all the general rights to all the people and also to give the right to the society to think and act independently for their up liftment. In the 19th century, the Indian civilization got a new life with several glazing initiatives by many revolutionary national leaders like Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Mahatma Gandhi. The initiatives by these leaders brought various changes and fueled much strength to the weak. But the process of revolution was incomplete that time. After the freedom, the same revolution process must have been continued. But today, many obstacles come within the path of development. At times it seems that some local, national and international media agencies are guilty for their uncultured and unsocial propagandas which ruin the humanitarian value among the people of the society. Today, terrorism, corruption, various inactive Government systems, inhumanity and harassment for the common people is found everywhere in the name of freedom.

Generally, everybody knows that a democratic system of a nation means the system ruled or managed by a representative who is elected or chosen by the people and is of the people and for the people of a certain nation. Everybody below the shade of a democratic system needs freedom for their decision making. A new & well versed ideology of our culture, security and also our economic system is needed, which can bring a real revolution and a real smile to everyone’s face.

Today many innocent people are dying because of different violent activities and on the other hand the public representatives who are elected to look after the social and democratic system, move here and there with ‘z’ categorized security facility. At some places, the common man is leaving their homeland because of violence; many people are dying of poverty. Is it not a shame for us? Now the youth seem inactive at times, aimless, selfish and non-ideological in nature. And if this happens, the only question that is raised is, how can the common people get their own social rights and justice? How should the corrupt system be changed?

To fulfill the dream, hope and thought of the real democracy in this republican nation, India, the awareness among youth, the active and initiative taking individuals among the youth generation are very much important and necessary. The youth should concentrate towards the upliftment of the society. Only then a revolution can be brought in this democratic system. Let’s wake up, let’s be aware, and let’s bring a change in our civilization to rebuild the nation with all positive and golden initiatives by the youth of the nation.

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