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200 Child Militant Rescued from Taliban Camps, Why is the US Not Pitching In?

Posted on July 31, 2009 in GlobeScope

Anshul Tewari

Read the special feature in this article: Why is USA not pitching in?

A few days back, Times of India carried a story about 200 child fidayeen who were rescued from Taliban camps in Pakistan. These children, being trained in the terror hub of Pakistan, Swat Valley, had been brainwashed in a way that they were ready to kill anyone who wanted them to leave Taliban, even their parents. The boys, whose ages range between 6 and 13 years, have been so thoroughly “brainwashed” that they consider all others as “infidels”. While some of these children were kidnapped, many had volunteered to join Taliban and be trained in ‘jihaad’ to fight against the infidels.

Child soldiers have existed in Pakistan and have been working for Taliban for many years. There have been a number of videos and photos being issued by Taliban which brought forward the ugly face of child terrorism. Videos of children beheading others and slaughtering them had been circulated earlier.

Poverty, a culture of weapons and reliance on schools that teach little but religion have fostered a growing wave of child militants.

Why is the USA not pitching in?

Pakistan has recently been tagged as the terror hub after Afghanistan. The United States of America is not taking any action, the reason being geo-political factors. If USA takes actions against Pakistan (which is funded completely by the USA) India will be the key player in Asia and it’s development will speed up at a high pace and same will be the case with China. Russia, which has always been in the opposition of USA will have the chance to establish it’s stronghold in Asia (the way US has right now), thus, US will no longer be the most powerful (super power). This, the US cannot afford. (click here to know more about the conflict between Russia and USA)

But what we and everyone (including Mr. Obama) do not understand is that if Pakistan is not rebuilt, or as I may say, re-established without the terror factor, it will not only pose a serious problem to India but also to the world.

Children are the new weapon of the Taliban. Who knows what they might do next? But if strict action is not taken, we might face a havoc.

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