Gay Rape, an Untouched and Harsh Reality

Posted on July 2, 2009 in Society

Apurva Desai

Rape is a traumatic experience for the victim, we all can agree on this, even if we can only fathom a millionth bit of the pain they suffer. But tell me, what would they go through if their trauma is not recognized? If it is dismissed as ‘impossible’?

Excruciating, right? The same is felt by the victims of Gay Rape. It’s not a new concept. It happens all over the world, but it’s just dismissed as though, something of this sorts is impossible. What would the victim go through, I cannot even imagine. We all associate Rape with a female victim and a male assailant. There are male victims too.

I used to wonder if something like this was possible, and my question was answered when I read, “The Kite Runner”. For the first few minutes, I couldn’t understand, how, why, and what was happening. Then suddenly, slowly, it struck me hard, really hard, what was being portrayed. Gay Rape.

It was fiction, but it is anything but fiction for the countless victims all over the world. I was appalled, shocked and sleepless when I discovered this facet of the gory act.

The stories are so horrifying, it seems so inhuman to let this all happen.
Firstly, thanks to the society, gays are not accepted, (hope the laws against homosexuality are repealed) so only a few, brave men have the courage to come out in the open and accept it, without the fear of their lives.

Secondly, even if they do accept, the small majority is not courageous enough to report rapes and abuses.

Thirdly, even if they muster up every ounce of courage in their souls and go, file a complaint, they are dismissed saying that this is impossible and even mocked at.

I’d like each of us to know that this is NOT an impossible act. Such abuses exist, and they scar the lives of innumerable young men all across the continents. I wish to appeal through this article, not to mock, ignore the homosexuals. It’s their choice.

To help them, listen to their grievances, to ensure such acts do not happen, and if, forbid me, they do happen, the rapists should be punished.

The law-makers should sensitise the citizens towards all these facets. This is all I’d like to say.

Don’t keep mum, go out, speak for yourself. Gay Rape IS NOT tolerable and neither is it a myth. Take a stand.

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