If You Have a Rose, Don’t Crave for a Tulip

Posted on July 2, 2009 in Education

Navjeet Singh Sandhu

Whether Mr. Aamir Khan’s message in ‘Taare Zamin Par’ reached the concerned cells of the parents or not but our newly appointed HRD Minister, Mr. Kapil Sibal has given ample space to the parents and concerned authorities to fit the age old idiom on the students.

Every child faces the same problem during his/her school days. Every 80 percent scorer is nagged – for not scoring 85 percent, every 85 percent scorer for not scoring 90 and every 90 per cent scorer for not scoring 95 and so. “I don’t understand when will my score card stop defining me. I’m more than that.” Numerous times I have heard these lines in the corridors of my school.Out of thousands appearing for the competitive exams only a few will top. So what if he is not my or yours. I don’t understand when will our parents understand this? This puts me in complete agreement with Mr. Aamir – ‘Why don’t people breed race horses, if they are so excited about winning?

Why do they produce children? Yes. They are producing them, they are not letting them grow by themselves.

It is clear by the degree of law of living and learning that we learn by our mistakes and let our children learn from theirs. Let them make mistakes and let them learn. The early they make a mistake, the earlier they learn. There’s no other easy way out. The more my parents tried to guide me and give me the idea of the path, more complicated they made it for me. It wasn’t unless I tried to work and find things for myself that it seemed to work for me. My father learnt himself, his father too learnt himself and same will be with my children and with their children.

To bloom out as a flower, a seed has to come out of the soil itself. No-body else can do this.

If you are going to do it – you will hurt it and deprive it off its own strength. What wrong is there with the people when their children do average! “My son is average! You know how it feels.” You fool – it feels proud. After all it’s the average people who are running and ruling the world. The top ones are engaged in one or the other fields of their own with a question in mind that in no way or in the least way reflects or affects yours or my living. “The simplest of the things are the hardest to understand.” For the first time this was said by Margret Thathcher. Now I could sense what she meant by it.

Tenth class board exams are over or may be over forever. The work that can be done by the students at the earliest is- take up an activity, a sport, join an NGO, learn some form of art, and the list is endless. The only point is – make your way out of this web. Show a good response during the whole annual year of your class and make the authorities feel that a free bird can fly higher.

Its time that we start educating ourselves with the help of schools rather than the other way – helping schools to educate us. After all we, human beings, are filled with passion and we read and write to fulfill our passion and not to become or do what others want us to do. Leave that for machines. Be human.