Twist and Turn the Law: Duty of a Minister

Posted on July 1, 2009 in Politics

Anshul Tewari

Ministers in India have always been popular for stories about getting their illegal works done by the use of power. A similar incident occurred in Madras this week where a Union minister pressurized Madras High Court judge Justice R Regupathi to grant anticipatory bail to a medical student and his doctor-father in a CBI case concerning a forged marksheet. “A Union minister talked to me. He sought to influence me to release this petitioner on anticipatory bail,” Justice Regupathi told startled advocates and officers in the court. He did not name the minister.

A country where courts must function independently, ministers are trying to use their posts and powers to twist and turn the law. After the pressure, Justice R Regupathi threatened to write to the PM about the matter if the advocate appearing in the case failed to submit a written unconditional apology by Tuesday.

Regupathi also said that unless a written apology was submitted, he would incorporate the details of the conversation in the case against the father-son duo.

The minister must be highly ashamed of himself at the example he had been trying to set. This only indicates how many cases in the past could have been twisted by the interference of ministers. Death threats, kidnapping threats, etc. are also being given by these goon ministers.

They being the future of India must not only obey the laws, but set examples.

This gory act has ashamed us all and immediate action must be taken. It’s time to stand up for what is right. Voice yourself. Post a comment or mail at

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