62 Years of Independence, Are We Really Independent?

Posted on August 15, 2009 in Politics, Society

Anshul Tewari

Independence is the biggest gift that our forefathers gave us. They fought for our freedom and made it happen. With a dream in their eyes and zest in their heart, they fought till the very last breath to ensure that we do not have to face what they had to. But today, at this solemn occasion one is forced to think, are we really independent? Are we free to do and support what is right? Are we independent to voice ourselves against the local MLA without being threatened? Are our children free from our super imposed expectations. Are the labourers free to send their children to schools? Are the Indian women independent to walk around in the park at night? Is it really so? At every turn, our capabilities as a nation are being questioned. We are facing roadblocks. Not at the higher level, but at the grass root level.

From problems like lack of proper infrastructure and our inability to move the concerned authorities, to safety of our daughters. When we think of all the bad things that have happened, they outnumber the good. Our belief that we are ‘one’, is at stake. India, although a plural nation, is questioning its once lauded religious integrity.

Our forefathers who led us, often mentioned the need for us to walk together. Catch hold of the brothers who have been left behind and bring them forward. But today we have become self centered. A high degree of superiority complex runs in our blood. We fail to understand that it is the Indian humbleness that sets us apart. The youth which has tremendous potential is re questioning the power of the soil.

The rural people are being left behind and their want to be accepted is making them even more unacceptable. Not their fault, something which we must introspect. There are still millions being discriminated within India. There are those being burdened by the obligations towards the society. There are those who are living a life which none would want. There are those who die each moment. There are those who aren’t aware of their rights, who their MP is, who their PM is?

But then there are those who live each moment and make full use of their lives.

So are we an independent nation in a ‘true sense’? Post your comments, voice yourself!

[image: http://www.daylife.com/]