Of Jaswant, Jinnah and Jamooriyat

Posted on August 22, 2009

Anshul Tewari

Jinnah: India – Partition – Independence, this is the title of the all new book written by the ex-BJP leader and a veteran in politics, Jaswant Singh. The BJP has been in a debacle since the 2009 Lok Sabha results have been out and has been rethinking it’s strategies. And now, the expulsion of Jaswant Singh from the party has raised a number of questions and controversies. While some are viewing this as an act by the party to revamp it’s image, others are calling it unnecessary. So what is this buzz all about? And why is this making news? Youth Ki Awaaz explores.

RSS, or popularly known as the Sangh is the group which is behind the policies of the BJP. BJP leaders look upto the Sangh Parivar. All the dictates of RSS are followed by the BJP. And this controversy could just be a part of it, as rumours suggest.

The BJP has been trying to analyze the reason for it’s defeat in the recent elections and has been trying to move the media away from the controversy of the party leaders being in conflict with each other. It has also tried to revamp its image as a youthful party. It’s failure to establish a strong hold in our hearts has led the RSS to dictate BJP to re-establish itself as a right winged party. In view of this dictate, journalists and researchers are looking at the Jaswant Singh Book controversy as a way to impress the Sangh. But the RSS never demanded the expulsion of Singh.

This raises even more questions. At first, the BJP had said that Mr. Singh had been expelled because of his words of praise for Jinnah. But then they realized that if this was the main reason then even the party mascot LK Advani should have been expelled out long back for calling Jinnah a secular person. So, they changed their statement. Now came their next point which stated that the removal of Mr. Singh was a result of being less than respectful about Sardar Patel. But wasn’t Patel a hardcore Congressman, so why expell Singh for praising him less?

Sources also say that Advani knew about the controversial chapters even before the book release. So why not stop Mr.Singh right then? Here comes the last version which is unofficial. Some say that the reason behind Mr.Singh being sacked was actually not the book, it was the fact thet he had made more enemies in the party, than friends. Was the book launched with a purpose to throw out a man who has alienated the BJP’s establishment and its Young Turks? Is there more to Mr.Singh’s removal?

So, the question is that was Mr. Jaswant Singh’s sacking necessary? Did he actually exploit the feelings or ideologies of the party? The book has not even been read completely by them. But the BJP seems to be not ready to accept Singh’s views.

India is a democracy [also known as Jamooriyat (Urdu)]. But is BJP a democracy at heart? Is there a serious internal conflict? Is the BJP cracked from inside? I don’t know, but what do you think? Post your comments or mail us at info@youthkiawaaz.com

[image: IndiaDaily.org]