Of Sex Scandal, Unethical Behaviour and Resignation…

Posted on August 10, 2009 in Politics

Ashik Gosaliya gives his take on Mehbooba Mufti’s actions, Omar’s resignation and the controversy which took place in the state of Jammu & Kashmir

Lets have a bet; you will not find any better place for a politico drama than the Jammu & Kashmir state assembly. From shameless degradation of democracy to emotional plea against character assassination, all has been happening during the last few weeks, and is still on.

Believe me, I am really very happy looking at the scenes taking place in the J & K assembly. For me it’s time for celebration. You must be making faces at me but I am sure you won’t after knowing the reason. I am happy because the circumference of fight and fire in Kashmir has been contracting very rapidly. We’ve heard sounds of bullets and seen fury of anger across J & K. Isn’t it good that the people who were playing with the sentiments of the common man and were trying to provoke them to go on rampant to destabilize the peace of the state, are now scuffling themselves.

Shameless act was performed by Mehbooba Mufti. She attacked the speaker of the house, putting all the respect and dignity of the house at stake. Another act was perfected by the J & K Chief Minister himself. Muzaffar Beg, a very responsible advocate of the Supreme Court alleged that Omar Abdulla’s name had been mentioned in the 2006 sex scandal. This character assassination wasn’t taken in political spirit and Omar resigned from the post of the CM. He didn’t listen to anyone and went on to submit his resignation to the Governor of the state, sulking.

As soon as he resigned, mobiles rang vehemently from Srinagar to New Delhi. Media reports suggest that Mrs. Gandhi took immediate note of the events from J & K in-charge Prithviraj Chauhan and then she spoke to P. Chidambaram, the home minister. Later P. Chidambaram swung into action to clarify that the CBI had concluded its investigation on the sex scandal and Omar’s name does not figure in the list prepared by the CBI.

The allegations from Muzaffar Beg weren’t accepted and now he is facing a privilege motion in the house. Mehbooba Mufti loves to show her very sophisticated lady, but in actual she represented the culture of unethical, moral less values. Creating disturbance and supporting elements involved in destructive activities could be her way of politics.

The Government at the center should amend the “People’s representative Act” to curb these acts which disgrace us. Any kind of disruptive activity in the house by any member shall be enough to disqualify the member as a people’s representative. He or she should be barred from contesting any election in the future. I have no doubt that Congress will use it as a political tool only and the actual issue will be forgotten very soon, since they know public memory is very short.

Image source: http://www.indiajournal.com/