Rural Bharat Project: Village- Trilokpuri: Nothing Less Than A Nightmare for Us

Posted on August 4, 2009 in Society

Our rural reporter Dimple Rajput reports from Trilokpuri, a semi-rural area in the interiors of East Delhi

It’s a daily routine for me to travel to college, and back to my house located very close to the Trilokpuri area of Mayur Vihar, East Delhi. Looking at it from the point of view of an outsider the area looks like just another semi-rural area with pakka houses, well painted with wooden doors. One can clearly feel that Trilokpuri is house to over a thousand daily wagers, housemaids, rickshaw pullers, and even rich landlords. Thus, the area has all kinds of people with all kinds of ideologies. But rarely does anyone discuss about the interior of the village. I am not talking about 5kms inside Trilokpuri, I am talking about just a mere 500mts inside the area. The area which is usually ignored by a mere spectator. The area which I like to call the real Trilokpuri. Read full article…