The Void – That Makes India Suffer

Posted on August 6, 2009

Anshul Tewari

This is an intorduction to our five part series named The Void in which we will focus on the gap between rural India and it’s urban counterpart, and discuss about the four worlds within India. Find the complete series on our Rural Bharat Project wesbite.

When we look at the website of the Ministry of Tourism of India, we are greeted by a series of photographs depicting the “Incredible India.” From the beautiful deserts of Rajasthan to the enchanting Himalyas, one can see all and be highly grateful to God for gifting India with such beauty. But behind this beauty lies an India, not unheard of, just misinterpreted and unconnected. An India which has been described as backward.

In 1947, when India gained independence, it was a part of the “third world.” Third world countries were those countries which were suffering from a bad economy, less or negligible military and political power and negligible administrative power and authority. Thus, these were the countries which had recently been freed from the colonial rule and were struggling to establish themselves as a nation.

That was the time when the champions of the Indian freedom struggle had discussed issues like rural development. After a decade or so, the Indian leaders had rural development in mind and were planning to move forward in order to get due recognition in the global scenario. These were the days when slogans like Jai Jawan, Jai Kisaan” were chanted all over. Then came the time of “Hum Do, Humare Do” (an initiative by the Indian Govt. to urge married couples to give birth to not more than 2 children). This was thought to be an ideal thing to do in order to control the population crisis we still suffer.

But what is it that makes us initiate things and never complete them? What is it that establishes the great divide between the various parts of India. At places where people live a king size life, there are people who suffer from pain and live a life that non of us would want. A country where there are high tech metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai, there are districts like Balgudia and Vidarbha, where people die each moment.

The question we are reaching at is that Is India still a third world country? The answer might be no, but the truth is something else. India has a booming economy but within India there are four types of worlds. The First World being the one with the highest standard of living and the Fourth World being the one with the lowest standard of living. The fact of the matter is that the gap between these four worlds is so deep rooted that no matter how hard we try, we fail to bridge the void.

The Void will be a five part series which will discuss the gap between the rural and urban India and focus majorly on the void between the mindset, economic conditions, living standards and other factors. We will also discuss the hurdles and issues which India faces and which stop India from bridging the gap. So, keep yourself updated with the series which will be a part of our Rural Bharat Project. Catch the full series as it develops here.
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