We Need Leaders!

Posted on September 30, 2009 in Specials

Anybody can claim to be a leader. A racial bigot. An adulterer. A corrupter. A sexist. A flip-flop. The list goes on. However, what we need are not mere self-proclaimed leaders.


Our race relations are broken. Our politics is distasteful and flawed. Many things are not right about the country.

Alas, many of us who hold the same view of our country take very different approaches to address the problems. A majority chose to bolt and many more choose to whine.

It worries me because they could be right about the society – that many of us are still keen on supporting and rejoicing the most provocative statements and actions taken by them.

Here, we need leadership not leaders. We need real and committed leadership which can help pull this society out from its racial mould. We need a leadership which can help to unite not polarize.

Gone are the days when the saying was “Leaders are born”. Today, the fact is that “Leaders are not born, they are made.”

Training, experience, hard work, discipline, motivation and various other factors go into the making of a leader. A leader is not the one who dictates, a leader is the one who walks with others. This is one of the factors that set AIESECers apart from the rest of the world. At AIESEC, a student goes through the corporate pressures, working under various departments and facilitating international exchange.

When an AIESECer goes through the induction procedure at AIESEC, he/she feels the need for change. The desirable change in the society, and works towards the same. AIESEC alumni today are leading the corporate sector all across the world, not only this; prominent politicians and world leaders have been AIESECers.

AIESEC is a global, non political, not for profit, student run organization which is the best choice among students and industries. AIESEC churns human beings into leaders and makes them ready for the ever changing increasingly global environment.

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