Y.S.R Reddy, A Man of the Masses Passes Away

Posted on September 3, 2009 in Politics

Anshul Tewari

Amid a high degree of tension and 24/7 rescue operations, the Air Force has found 5 dead bodies near the crash landing site of YSR Reddy’s (the CM of Andhra Pradesh) helicopter. It is said that the chopper carried only 5 people, official report confirming the demise of the Andhra Chief Minister has come out. Not only is the state of Andhra mourning, but the whole nation is in a state of shock.

Mr. Reddy was a great man. A man of the masses and popular among the local villagers, he had announced a number of subsidies for the poor and was doing his bit to help the common man. YSR Reddy was a deeply rooted man and was down to earth. He held his principles and beliefs close to his heart and worked in the best possible way. YSR Reddy will always be remembered in our hearts.

Youth Ki Awaaz, on behalf of all its members and readers prays for him and his family. May God rest his soul in peace.