AIESEC in Delhi University, A One Of A Kind Organization for the Youth

Posted on October 20, 2009

Anshul Tewari

AIESEC in Delhi University has been one of the highest performing local chapters of AIESEC India. This local chapter has been famous for mobilizing large number of young people to attend their events, which are few of Delhi’s best. In the current year 2009, AIESEC in Delhi University held three successful events in the campus which were organized at a large scale.

The first of the three events was Empower. EMPOWER was an initiative by AIESEC Delhi University to motivate and activate leadership amongst the youth in order to make the next generation more aware about the current scenario of the world. To be culturally aware is not only a social advantage but helps tremendously in character enhancement and international business understanding. It is because of these reasons that AIESEC Delhi University plans to host a Global Village in order to Empower the youth for a brighter and more tolerant world. The event was a 4 hour gathering of about 30 AIESEC interns from countries like France, UK, Australia, Kazakhstan, Poland etc where they were given a common platform to showcase their unique culture. The interns themselves were the brand ambassadors’ for their respective countries, sharing their food, traditional costumes, songs and much more. The platform also enabled them to discuss various world issues and have an experience sharing block.

The second event held in August was the AIESEC recruitments. AIESEC recruitments are conducted at a nationwide basis. Held in almost all Indian cities, the event gets a number of applicants. Leave aside others, AIESEC in Delhi University alone got about 1100 applications. From colleges like SRCC, LSR, Hindu to colleges like Hansraj and Miranda, this event covers around 20 colleges and is one of the largest events of the university. The recruitments have a rigorous selection procedure. The applicants have to appear for group discussions. The students which are selected then have to undergo a team activity, in which the applicants are divided into small teams who are then given a situation, for which they have to find a solution together. Team work is what is given importance to in this activity. The selected students then have to appear for a personal interview, which is taken by the Executive Board members of the local chapter. The ones which successfully pass this interview are selected as new recruits in AIESEC. This year, 56 students were selected from all colleges and from diverse course background. While some are from a commerce background, there are others from political science as well as media studies background. These nation wide recruitments do not look at one particular course. Students from any and every course can apply. AIESEC in Delhi University’s recruitment partner was Coca Cola and online media partners were and

The third event of the year was Breaking Free, an event to spread awareness about substance abuse. This was the first event of Delhi University which was organized at such a large scale, held at Hansraj College on 9th September 2009. Over 600 people took part in this event which had panel discussions, talks by ex-addicts, documentary screening and the key note by Dr. Kiran Bedi. Not only this, the event was supported by UNODC. Priya Dutt was also present at the event and gave an insightful talk on the lives of drug addicts. “There are a number of issues which people keep talking about, but this is one issue that is relevant and needs immediate attention. The number of participants gave us the assurance that the issue and the event held great importance.” Says Aditi Dalmia, Vice President, Development Sector, AIESEC in Delhi University. The basic aim of the event was to generate awareness, and anybody and everybody was invited to the event. The panelists emphasized on the fact that how easily available drugs are and the kind of repercussions one has to face. The event emphasized on substance abuse as a disease, focusing on the treatment, help and support that an addict needs.

AIESEC in Delhi University has been doing some of the best events of Delhi and we look forward to more such events.