‘Every Legend Has A Begining’ – AIESEC National Leadership Development Seminar

Posted on October 16, 2009

Anshul Tewari

As individuals and a part of the youth, most of us strive to be the best in what we do. We try our best to achieve our goals and attain leadership in whatever we do, in a manner that we relish it. In such an environment the relevance of an organization like AIESEC, which trains individuals in leadership skills by providing real time experiences to students is augmented.

AIESEC in India conducts recruitments twice a year, in February and in August. The recent August recruitments culminated into the annual National Leadership Development Seminar (NLDS), organized specially for the new recruits of the various local chapters of AIESEC India. The seminar is an eagerly awaited for event by AIESECers from all over the nation. The theme of this year’s NLDS was ‘Every Legend has a beginning.’

Aimed at developing leadership skills in the participants, the seven day seminar embraced a number of presentations, tasks, brainstorming sessions, team work, discussions on world issues and much more. Representatives from Coke and IIM Ahmedabad discussed leadership and the sessions were a highly interactive spree. With taut deadlines and synergistic projects for delegates, the event is one of its kinds in India.

Anshul Tewari, a new recruit at AIESEC in Delhi University says, “At this point, NLDS has been the best thing that could happen to me. Not only did I get a chance to learn what leadership is and work on interactive projects, I got the fortuitous opportunity to interact with different and diverse individuals from across the nation. I learnt the relevance of deadlines and the importance of team work. This has certainly enhanced my personality.” Ramita Vig, Vice President Finance, AIESEC in Delhi University, who was a part of NLDS as a facilitator feels, ” It is the experience of a lifetime to be present at a conference of 450 people and to laugh, jive, cry, and have fun with them. It was an amazing experience and truly inspired one to be the legend we can be.”

Pooja Menon, Vice President Communications and Information Management, AIESEC in Delhi University says, “My experience was brilliant. This time I went as a facilitator and not as a delegate. We had the largest team of facilitators this time. There was diversity in the delegations and facilitators. I got the opportunity to meet people from Sweden, United Kingdom, Chennai, Bangalore and various other parts of the country. I was not only able to motivate new members; I also grasped my foothold in the organization again and bonded with the organization.”

The Local Committee Presidents of the various local chapters of AIESEC in India were the Chief Delegates at the seminar. When asked about his NLDS experience, Bilal Ahmed, the Local Committee President of AIESEC in Delhi University says, “Despite working at AIESEC for 3 years now, the National Leadership Development Seminar is still an experience worth living another time. From being a delegate at my first NLDS back in 2006 to leading a delegation of 40 odd college students in 2009 it has been an enriching conference at every stage. I have come to facilitate and run sessions with an audience of over 400 diverse individuals from across India when I started as one of the 400 people in the plenary just 3 years back. NLDS is the best kick start to enter the world outside of school.”

Varun Punjabi, Vice President Communications and Information Management, AIESEC India appreciates, “Even though this was my third NLDS the excitement and the enthusiasm within the delegates were more than ever. Learning, Interacting and bonding with close to 450 newly recruited AIESECers from 22 Indian cities along with 10 international facilitators within 7 days was an unparalleled experience. Also interacting with representatives from Coke and IIM Ahmedabad was a great learning experience.”

AIESEC, being the world’s largest youth-run organization, is certainly living up to the mark of being ‘one of a kind’ organization.

All in all, the NLDS 2009 was a mix and match of learning, interaction, networking, jiving, and having fun and a few emotional moments as well.