Why Burn The Ravana Effigy, When We Have The Real Ones…

Posted on October 1, 2009 in Society

Deepak Vijayvergiy gives his take on the relevance of burning the effigy of Ravana.

I feel very sad seeing burning effigy of Ravana, how glad we are after Ravan-Dahan, as if we ourselves have killed our own Ravana’s and become the purest of the soul. In today’s world, if I observe relatively, I cannot agree Ravana being a bad-man, I repeat, I am speaking “relatively”.He was the most scholarly being of his times, there was no one who could beat his knowledge, he had done such a hard ‘tapasya’ (meditation), neither you nor any good-man can even think of doing, let alone doing it. That was “Treta-Yug”, that was “Ram-Rajya” (Lord Ram’s rule), everything there was ideal, and hence Ravana was the only bad-man (again relatively). I hope it’s now clear what great significance the word “relative” has.

There are many more tangible and non-tangible bad-men present in today’s world (The Great Kal-Yug).

If you want to fight, you want to kill, yes come forward, let’s kill religious-discrimination, caste-discrimination, illiteracy, quota, corruption, poverty and what not?
Today we have many bad-men (Ravan being only bad-man, again relative, isn’t it!!!) – to name a few – Kulayam Singh, Aayagati, Aloo Fasad, Aede-Ghoda, Akaal Fakre, Aaj-Fakre, Shok Ingle, …. And the list goes on. (The names are entirely fictitious and hold no resemblance to any person, dead or alive).

Time has come, Jaago, Jaago, Grow up, fight against these tangible and non-tangible bad-men and don’t let them play with your sentiments, we have a long path to conquer for success in this world.