A Close Encounter: A Saviour

Posted on November 3, 2009 in The Opinionated

Anshul Tewari

Last night while I was walking my dog I happened to witness an accident. A car hit and run a bike rider. I was horrified to see this and rushed to the spot, with me came a few people walking and standing nearby. Amidst a high degree of tension, for a split second we just could not make out as to what had just happened. I gathered my senses and dialled 100, PCR. The PCR usually takes 2 to 10 minutes to reach and the victim seemed to be critical.

In a rush, a few bystanders and myself helped the victim to the foot path. As the time passed, the victim was bleeding badly. By that time I had called upon my brother to help us. A few people left and a few were stopping by just to see the man’s face, which was bruised badly due to improper protection.

The night was as dark as it could have been, with only a few stars and a flickering street light.

The man’s knee was the part that was bleeding the most, and as far as I could make out, the best thing that we could have done was tie a cloth around his knee injury to stop the overflow of blood.

It had been over ten minutes and we just could not find a single piece of cloth. The victim was lying on the foot path without any first aid, with a few unknown labourers surrounding him. I went back disheartened, without a piece of cloth.

Just when I approached that person, a man, a labourer, one of those who were surrounding him, called my name. His exact words were “Here Anshul, take this cloth. (in Hindi)” I took the piece of cloth and quickly tied it on the victim’s wound. His blood did stop over flowing and I regained my breathe.

As I heard the PCR approach, I wondered who that man was, and how did he know my name. It had just been a few seconds since he offered me that cloth and I looked back to check who he was.

To my surprise, the man was not there. In fact, there was no one walking on that 1 km road, and it was impossible for him to have run away or hid somewhere. All that I could see was a few group of men standing near me, and a PCR approaching.

The victim was saved.

I still cannot forget that husky voice and whenever I think of that incident or walk on that road, a feeling of not being alone creeps inside me. I don’t know who that man was, but whoever he was, he surely saved a life, was a messenger by God.

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