Barbaric Butchering of Whales in Faroe Islands

Posted on November 9, 2009 in Environment, The Opinionated

What you see in the image on the left is a brutal tradition carried out in Denmark every year. In this brutal act are involved young people like you and myself. Every year in the Faroe Islands,a commonwealth of Denmark, close to 2,000 pilot whales are rounded up near the shore where they come for feeding and then they are brutally slaughtered and eaten.

It is a gruesome spectacle of human cruelty what is done on the shores of this island. The Faroese people defend themselves by saying that this is a tradition that dates back to the 16th century, and a practice that has helped the people survive the harsh winters. The whale meat is not sold but divided among the community. The salughtering has become more intense since the collapse of the fishing industry in the region. They say they need to continue this barbaric butchering of whales or the community will starve.

After watching these heart wrenching photos, anyone woould get goosebumps to the core and curse these butchers who murder these whales in order to fulfill their desires and carry on the traditional practices. Ironically, the butchers are the youth.

After seeing, hearing and reading about such incidents I am forced to think that what are the media hungry organizations like the PETA doing? Fighting against KFC? Hello! This is a bigger problem here.

The local Government of this island has done just about nothing to save these whales.

In such situations, what can we as outsiders do? Suggestions invited. Please raise your voice against this brutality and leave your comments on this issue.

Watch the complete set of photos below:

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