Can The Congress Be In Power For The Next 20 Years?

Posted on November 13, 2009 in Politics

Kumar Ankit

After winning the general elections in May 2009 congress posted another thumping victory in the states of Maharastra,Arunachal Pradesh and in Haryana. In all the three states it was the leading party with the maximum number of seats.

In Maharastra, it even outweighed its coalition partner N.C.P and the story was no different in Arunachal. Congress had to face a few hiccups in Haryana where it got only 42 seats as compared to 67 seats it got last time, but still they managed to form the government there. With these three wins congress now, along with their allies has government in more than 15 states in India.

Now this data says all about the government in the centre and in more than 15 states in India. Congress is regaining its touch which faded during the 90s because of the emergence of B.J.P as a party of the middle class under the charismatic and able leadership of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and with the rise of many regional parties who used to influence the voters with caste card; but now the scenario has totally changed with B.J.P losing elections after elections, just because people are now fed up with the same age old issues such as hindutava and Ayodhya which are no where related to our daily life, the tussle for power within the party is another reason. In these general elections the mandate clearly showed that people voted for a national party and not a regional party or the so called vote katwa leaders or the leaders who used to proclaim themselves as king makers, all of them faced the brunt of the voters.

People voted for Congress for another term in office, so the big question which hovers in the mind of every Indian is, can the congress revive the history by ruling for another 20 years?

Congress has done it in the past and can do it again now under the able and inspiring leadership of Sonia Gandhi, who once again took the party to the top when it was down and out, then on the request of Late Sitaram Kesari, she took the charge of the party and while facing all the negative politics regarding her origin, she managed to form a government. Since that time she has been the glue that has bound the party. Come this election and we saw the baton being handed over to Rahul Gandhi who took all the major decisions whether it was regarding the candidates or visiting Kalavati’s house, going for the campaigns alone in the states of U.P and Bihar (which proved fruitful as now they know the ground realities because earlier they used to be dependent on parties such as R.J.D, S.P, N.C.P).

This time Rahul called the shots, this was a really good move because it was targeted to the people who lost faith in the party and functioning of the political system.

So at this time the opposition is in doldrums. As Rahul is emerging as the next big thing in Indian politics and the common people are feeling a sense of belongingness towards the Gandhi lad, it is quite possible that he could repeat the history (India politics has been dominated by great personalities and as he is from the Gandhi — Nehru family, the general masses relate to him with his grandma and with his father so he cultivates their good work and the reap of his own hard work because he is the one who has once again brought the villages under the picturesque by giving the theme “back to villages” so that inclusive development can be done).

A lot of credit for the presentation of such a budget where the villages are getting the maximum share, workers getting job security under NREGA, 39100 crore were assigned only for NREGA, other major schemes such as Indira Awas Yojana, Laadli, Ambedkar Awas etc. got funds worth around 10000 crores. This was the planning stage; he is taking a leap forward and is himself monitoring whether they are being properly implemented or not, with the help of his youth brigade. His youthful attitude adds to his advantage because more than half of the country is between the age group of 18 — 50 and the country needs leaders with a vision to bring about a transformation, a leader who can save the aam aadmi, a man who wants change and with his unwavering commitment towards the country, would be able to bring back the old days for 24 Akbar road.

It would be very early to predict this but with the major opposition party in a state of depression and running short of raising issues, and the good work of Congress as a team could make it a reality.

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