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Posted on November 12, 2009 in Sci-Tech

Dr. Ajay Gupta
Founder and was started in 2001 with the intent of linking professionals in Agri and rural to the growing opportunities in this domain. In this article I shall try to present some of the learnings that I have had during the course of pursuing this venture over last eight years.

Any idea, not converted into action is like abortion of a treasury. However, route to the treasure is rather painful, irrespective of the potential in the idea and key lies in sustaining this period while one encounters many negatives and only few favourable developments.

Several thoughts and comments evoke during this period and many tend to conclude that there was an error in assessing business potential of the proposal being pursued. Hence, there is a tendency to shift to some other opportunity that may look more attractive. Our experience has been no different. Thus, based on my limited experience, I have realized that while one may modify the proposal but not give it up. There are always ways and means available that come up on their own once hard thinking is persistently applied at instead of an accompanying option to withdraw from it. Another important learning has been to de-link the efforts and rewards. There are many efforts which may pay off after five years. All put together, realization has also come that ultimately no effort has gone waste. One may try for getting ‘X’ result. ‘X’ may never accrue but ‘Y’ may come your way now or later. Ultimately, each effort can be taken as an additional brick put on the building under construction. The house will be complete only when thousands of bricks shall be placed. Its like the jigsaw puzzle when several pieces put together brings image of an animal. While you keep putting and reorganizing, you are unable to see the full picture till the time you reach a fairly advanced stage. Ability to keep working without directly relating with results is a must to be able to fulfill your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. The law of averages quite applies in business. You may not succeed in first twenty attempts or in first two years. But you won’t say after ten years that you have tried your best and nothing came your way. Hence, ruralnaukri has taught me and continues to be a tutor that it is persistence that pays.

Another good thing that we did from beginning was to keep expenses at its lowest. Hence, the real loss on monthly basis was salary foregone plus minimum expenses. Many entrepreneurs may make the mistake of investing heavily in infrastructure or advertisement etc. For a small businessman who operates from minimal budget, one should spend like a miser. Show off has never paid and therefore it makes sense to show what you are instead of spending on first opportunity to leave a false image.

Lastly, I realized that modesty pays. Instead of claiming to be in big business to influence your prospective clients, it may make sense to mention that you are new; you are in learning phase, in the process of making an effort and will try to provide your best. Clients tend to respect your honesty and would rather bet on such an individual rather than someone who claims to wear a suit larger than his size.

Having worked for 15 years prior to starting on my own, my impressions about one’s own enterprise has been extremely satisfying. Lastly, I would like to mention that my views are mine and someone else may think diagrammatically opposite and he may be right too. If there is one thumb rule, it is that you need to go ahead with an idea that you have complete faith in and not because someone else suggested that. Your conviction will bring about your passion, your discipline to pursue the difficult times and unleash your energies to achieve what you set for yourself. You can’t afford to live on someone else’s belief, while he very well can. Fire in your belly is ESSENTIAL.

About Dr. Ajay Gupta and was launched in late 2001 by Rural Management Consultants Private Limited (RMCPL). addresses the need of providing a meeting platform exclusively for the employers and employees of Agribusiness, Rural Marketing, Retail and Development sector.

Besides online placement, RMCPL also takes up offline placement services. Under offline services, based on the job specs, RMCPL browses its database of employees and undertakes an advanced shortlisting process through detailed personal or telephonic interview of candidates. Our experience, understanding and networking in this specialized sector permits time economy in reaching to right talent. [Read more…]

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