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Posted on November 10, 2009 in Politics, The Opinionated

Anshul Tewari and Kumar Ankit
UPDATED: Inputs by correspondent Kumar Ankit. Scroll below to read.
Yesterday, the members of MNS, Raj Thackerey’s political party, attacked Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi, for taking oath in Hindi and not in Marathi. First he was interrupted, then his mike was snatched, then he was later slapped, rather punched by a group of around 10 angry young men, all belonging to Maharashtriya Navnirmaan Sena (MNS).

To add to this controversy, Bal Thackerey, in an editorial in Saamna, the mouthpiece of his party, wrote that though elected from Maharashtra, Azmi took the oath as legislator in Hindi and not Marathi, and therefore he was beaten by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) lawmakers.

He also added that Abu Asim Azmi was “responsible” for Monday’s mayhem in the Maharashtra assembly and said his party men would have made a “tandoori” or roast of somebody like Azmi for having hurt Marathi pride.

Now this is where the angry Indian youth rises within me and questions these double standard political goons leaders. Who are they to decide the language in which a person speaks? Isn’t Hindi our mother tongue, or matra bhasha? If one politician is allowed oath swearing in English, why is Hindi banned? A similar incident happened in North India a few years ago where people were forcefully made to converse in Hindi. This only led to a bad name for the ones indulging in such acts.

Hindi is my country’s official language, a language that I use to talk to my peers, my family and whoever I want to. I have a birthright to speak any language I want as India is a culturally diverse nation. When no law stops me from using any Indian language, who are these law makers?

This is one of the reasons our next poll question is whether MNS should be banned or not, and I really want to see your votes.

Leave your comments below and please let us know what you think about the whole incident. Your voice matters.


Kumar Ankit’s take on the issue:

On Monday when the oath ceremony of the 12th maharashtra legislative assembly was in operation, it got huge attention but for all the wrong reasons and this reason added a new low in the history of Indian parliament and state legislative assemblies; where throwing of table and chairs has became quite common, waving of cash bags and fights between MPs is a daily routine.

This time Abu Azmi a Samajwadi Party legislature from Bhiwandi was man handled in the assembly by four MLAs of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena for taking the oath of office in Hindi and not in Marathi as per the instructions of Raj Thackeray. Amidst all this drama, assembly then passed a resolution suspending the four MLAs for a term of four years.

The incident was a tight slap on the face of India and every Indian who loves and respects the language, as Hindi is our national language and as per the 8th schedule of the constitution is concerned a legislator can take oath in any of the 22 languages, but in Maharashtra the same is not applicable as the whole state machinery has just been a spectator as they are seeing the rowdiness of Raj Thackeray and his band for the last 2 years; as they beat the north Indian students and labourers in Maharashtra. But this is the mother of all the heinous act done by him .

This time they should not be spared as they have crossed all the limits and the time has come when the party should be banned. It was a pre meditated move as a fatwa was issued earlier by Raj Thackeray that all the members of state legislature should take oath in Marathi and those not following it will face hardships. After this incident, Raj complimented its MLAs, so it is a clear indication that he gives no respect to the law of the country and its people who make India, so a slap on an Indian face is a slap on India because every Individual face adds up to make India .

If MNS will not be stopped now then the fear of yet another uprising (as it happened in Kashmir and Punjab where Hindi had to fight a battle for its survival) will be repeated, this time in Maharashtra. So Congress and NCP should leave behind their parochial interest for the national interest and instead of banning a few MLAs they must ban the whole party for disrespecting the mother tongue, the people`s house and most importantly, all of us. This will work as an eye opener for Raj.

Leave your comments below.

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