Wake Up, Till You Manage To Hit The Snooze Button

Posted on November 21, 2009 in Specials

Preetika Rana

The movie ‘Wake up Sid’ set the ball rolling in the critics court, sparking popular debates on beliefs and notions about Gen Y. While on one hand the movie painted an idealistic picture of overnight transformation of a 21st century unperturbed and callous individual.

On the other hand people fathomed it to be a movie that had the power to change the nonchalant, inadvertent attitude of the youth.However, the basic question we fail to ask ourselves is that how many of these ‘Sid’s are born everyday? How many of them have the zeal to dream? How many of those dreams are lived and how many of those lost every second? It’s ironic to see how we fail to acknowledge the ‘Sid’ that is present in each one of us.That wandering Sid who is unclear about his vision, goal and dream in life, yet still in search of faith, love, recognition, determination and an ambition.

A lazy Sunday afternoon spent with a friend, Those monotonic, fruitless lectures on life, carrier and a stable future our parents shower on us like a weekly dose of medicines, had yet again failed to move us from our impassive, aimless life. When your best friend is the snooze button and procrastination has been on your tips ever since you learned alphabets, there is little than an inspiring novel or a world acclaimed movie can do to make you step out of your comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong! We are not a species that is unperturbed or unaware of the burning challenges of the world. Neither are we self centered or arrogant. We are deeply moved by patriotic movies, touched by songs with meaningful lyrics, greatly inspired by divine, spiritual quotes. A sentimental advertisement or scene shall be reciprocated by a tear at our end, however the effect would be like that of cocaine or heroin. It leaves you at an all time high but back to square one once your sober. Most of us would have debated on world issues concerning poverty, starvation, human rights, philosophy and policies. Many of us would even have held leadership positions in school and college, however would still be ambiguous about what we are to achieve in life.

Somewhere amidst our complacent life, in search of our day to day bread and butter we forget to question. Acceptance and acquiescence are something that come naturally to us today. Its derisive how on one hand we talk of imparting love, compassion and ardor when we have never experienced giving away everything for that one moment to bring a smile across an unknown, old, haggard, dying face on the road. When we talk of the bureaucrats being hypocrites, rarely have we ever introspected to count the number of times we have conducted seminars and talk shows on the youth of the country and actually shed a penny from our pocket money to fund a beggar to school. Moreover, as a 10th grader when we have the constitutional laws at our tips for our civics board paper, how many times have we stepped out of our cars to walk that extra inch to curb child labour across the street?

A nation with a population of over 1 billion, A nation with infinite power… Over a thousand degrees, a hundred professionals, a handful of thinkers… yet a nation with a sea of unanswered questions and unfulfilled dreams. Is this who we are? Sooner or later every individual needs to question that drifting ‘Sid’ within themselves….If not now, then never. We will still wake up each morning and do what we do everyday….Hit the snooze button yet again and fall asleep, back into a world that knows no change.

image source: http://www.guardianweekly.co.uk/
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