Can India Be A Super Power?

Posted on December 28, 2009 in Politics

Parul Sabherwal:

The word superpower as the encyclopedia defines, literally means ” state with a leading position in the international system and the ability to influence events and its own interests and project power on a worldwide scale to protect those interests; it is traditionally considered to be one step higher than a great power”.

The question that is very common amongst the thinkers worldwide is that can India be the next superpower? Or, can India ever be a superpower? The question is very complicated and can be answered positively as well as negatively. But to a very large extent our country has to do a lot to get to this superpower stage. It was the end of the second world war, that divided the world into 2 power blocs namely UNITED STATES and USSR and the other countries were forced to join either of the two blocs, that this word came into existence but since the disintegration of USSR (1991) the only power house of the entire world was USA. And since then, though almost 2 decades have passed the story has not changed.

Though there is no defined criteria that a country needs to fulfill to be a superpower but the common sense says it is important to be economically, politically, militarily and last but not the least culturally strong to join this league. To a very large extent, having these strengths is enough but projection of these on the entire world forum is equally important.


As the very old saying goes “everybody solutes the rising sun”, the same is the case of India and China to a very great extent. Both these countries have been coming up in this regard and the people have started predicting about their future.

As far as India is concerned it is a land of many naturally rich resources and has a lot of advantage in this regard. Some of the aspects that favor India in this race are that India has a very large skilled manpower that is always ready to work for their as well as their country’s success in every possible way. Not only human resource but the country is also rich in technological and nuclear resources. We are now one of the leader countries in the world. At the time India was ruled by the British for a period of about 200 yrs, nobody knew that this nation would rise out to be a world leader one day.

It is being projected that in the next 50 years, say by 2050, India will be one of the fastest growing economies of the world. One of the most important outcomes of this growth on the economic front is the rise of the new so called ‘super rich’ class in the corporate sector.

Another common factor between India and the wealthiest country of the world, United States, is that both these countries are independent societies. In spite of such a diverse cultural background the democracy of our country is still the binding factor and it contributes a lot in this regard.

But at the same time our country needs to look upon some areas which play a very important role in building up of a super powerful nation. These areas are:

1. EDUCATION- the government needs to look upon this area and try and educate as many people as possible so that we do not lack skilled labor ever in our country. Educated people always are beneficial for the growth of our nation.

2. POVERTY- this is the major hurdle in the path of development in our country. Even today a large part of our population is below the poverty line. But at the same time the government has taken out many policies to come over this issue.


3. NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES- we should always try and maintain better or rather healthy relations with our neighboring countries. So, better relations with Pakistan, China, and Afghanistan need to be maintained.

4. HEALTH- this is also an important area because health plays a very vital role in the development of human beings which leads to the development of the nation.

These were some of the major issues though many small problems like religion, corruption, crime, unethical practices etc. also come up as hurdles but in my opinion a lot has been done and it would not be a problem for India to overcome these issues, if worked towards religiously with complete dedication.

Growing of MNCs after the globalization has improved the condition of our country as India has totally integrated itself into the world economy and the growth levels of around 8 to 9 percent at the GDP aspect clearly make us hopeful that India is not very far from the USA and will soon be a threat to the domination of this superpower.

So now it is time for all of us to work together and try and do our bit in bringing as much success in every field as possible so as to realize the dream of turning India into a superpower as soon as possible.


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