Din’t Your Mom Tell You About Global Warming?

Posted on December 19, 2009 in Environment, The Opinionated

Anshul Tewari:

Did your mom ever tell you about Global Warming? No? I knew it. Probably that’s why you never talk about it seriously, and perhaps never take the whole issue seriously.

As children we were never informed about what global warming really is. When we turned 15, we heard the term and got to know a little about its meaning and what it actually was. We heard that global warming is heating up the world and making the sea levels rise, melting the glaciers.

But who cares? I am the urban contemporary youth and I have better things in life like talking about “her boyfriend” or “his attitude”. Right? (you know the answer)

When we scream that global warming would bring the world to its end, it seems like a joke. We think that it won’t happen in this life. But we fail to realise that even if it does not happen right now, our future generations will be facing a massacre. They will face a scenario where they will be bound to think about their present, and at that time we will not be able to repent as we would not have enough time to THINK.

We have been thinking, talking and discussing about global warming all along, but without any substantial outcome and understanding of what the real solution is. President Obama reached an agreement with world leaders at the climate conference in Copenhagen to limit global warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius and to require countries to list their national actions and commitments to achieving emission reduction goals.

Wow! Does that sound like a statement difficult to understand? Of course it will. We barely care to read the newspapers, ask about the issues, ask about things that metter, or ask anything about the things that are changing the environment around us. All we care about is something that is irrelevant to our lives and has no connection whatsoever.

But why such an attitude guys? We have been saying it again and again, it’s high time we voiced ourselves against climate change and made the policy makers realize that people do care. It does matter to us if our forests are burning. It does matter to us if our nation is facing a water crisi due to global warming. It does matter to us if the Pushkar lake has evaporated. It does matter to us if the dirt in Yamuna is contributing to global warming. It does matter to us if the Islands of Tuvalu, once a huge country, is now only 6 meters wide because of the rising sea levels. After all we are the future and we will be the ones deciding for the future generations, what we want to give them, and the areas we want them to suffer in. Let’s not make them handicapped and steal everything from them.

It’s time to act intelligently and think and rethink about our actions which lead to global climate reactions. Probably then we will be in a better position to walk out with flying colours, proudly saying that yes my contribution did save this earth.

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This was what we had to say. Rest… is up to YOU.

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